Rising Flames Update - Beta 0.9.1 Patch Notes

If by change you mean they no longer work without channeling the ability (by holding the skill button), then no, that behaviour did not change. If an actual bug was introduced because of the fix, you should probably report that in #bug-reports

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That’s likely because you need to channel for the echo to work, so that sounds like it’s working as intended. But if it’s not, it’s a #bug-reports.

But just so you’re aware, I’m not calling you a cheater. I don’t want to hurt your feelings…

That’s because, as mentioned many times previously, it was a bug, it wasn’t a build, it was a bug. The build (Warpath) still works, you just have to hold the button down to channel Warpath (as intended & as it used to work pre-0.9 before the bug was introduced). Also, nobody said you were a cheater.

i just think it should consistently be 15 mins no matter where you are

Okay, I just combed through these twice and didn’t see anything.

Is it just me or did mobs get jacked up?

Like a lot of things seem to be dropping much heavier DoTs and things like Covenants are hitting suuuuuuppper friggin hard now (feels way more than it how hard it even used to be.)

I was running a couple of hours yesterday morning pre patch and then have been doing several hours yesterday afternoon and today and I’m having to maneuver a lot harder on numerous characters now.

Somebody noticed a bug where removing WW items can reduce your stats (more than they should, including into negatives). Maybe this is what you are seeing?

I don’t have a WW item equipped. I didn’t think to look at my stats during the battle to see if something’s dropping. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, see I can be more specific about it. Everything just feels much more glass cannony. But I’m running some of my alts so maybe my playstyle hasn’t adjust yet from my mains.


Playing yesterday I felt like here was more heavy synchronisation between client and server, resulting in sluggish performance and responsiveness. I was definitely getting hit a bit more as a result

As you say, could just be us… or not :smiley:

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Just found something weird with Dread Shade and posted about it in Bug Reports as I didn’t see anything else in their about it.

Not impressed with AFK timer, way too short in my opinion. For instance picking up Echo loot and checking it , then opening chest loot and checking it, then trying to craft a couple of pieces to get right stats, Meanwhile AFK notification is behind forge window and still counting down even though your there crafting but unable to see it till “ping” you have been disconnected.

I get that however with ALL the bugs that every patch brings adding 3 new classes on 1.0 will bug the entire thing out the devs have shown repeatedly they can’t manage to release a functioning patch 0.9.1 was so jacked took over a day before I could get in.

True 3 new masteries on day 1 of 1.0 is likely to bring a lot of bugs specific to those new skill trees/passives etc. but If they can get the rest of the game to a stable point, then I dont think they cannot handle them.

As for releasing a “functional patch” during a beta period - honestly in my experience they arent actually doing too badly. After decades in the industry I am also very used to the software development cycle process that I never expect there to be no teething problems in the period after a new release. It would be naive to expect otherwise to be honest. Its sort of the whole point on the idea of a beta. The only thing that you CAN expect is bugs and problems - the rest is just bonus. Doesnt matter how big the company is, how much testing they do in-house, how well they developed something or how much planning they do, there will be problems.


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Hi guys,

I’ve played and leveled on my Lich (called Mortis, online char.) for 3 level before I realize that there were a bug and that we didn’t get passive point when getting level.

After the latest patch of last friday it’s fixed and I got point again when I level, BUT I still miss 3 points!!!

Please can you help me with these missing point, cause I don’t want to end up having a build miss missing passives!

I’ve post in customer service but still no answer, so I’m also posting here, and maybe there is anything else I can do on my end to help solving this issue?

Thanks for your help,


You don’t get points untill you are levl 3 iirc. The first few levels are tutorial so to speak. At level 100 you still end up with more points then you should’ve from sidequests so everything evens out.

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Thanks for your feedback, I was already level 80 so I should have them, I had the red cross symbol but when you clic on it passive page open (as it should be) BUT with 0 passive point aiviable. I’ve chat live at this time and I was not the only one, so I’m surprised not to see more post about this bug. Honestly after more than 1200h in game (mostly offline to be fair) first time I had this issue.

But as a min maxer have my online lich with an handicap of passive point is a blocker for me

Did you count them to be sure? I ve a few lvl up with no passives points but when I counted them I had them all. (lvl 100>113 pts)

OHHH I just counted again to be sure, now that I am lvl 92 and I got 105 points…SO IT’S OK!!!
but that really really weird cause I dont remind allocate them and I had 3 elevl without with no passive point…anayway a BIG THANKS for help, and I will close the topic in support so.

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Every one of my characters had this happened the first time I logged into 0.9.1.

I think they most likely had some revamp of progress shifting since they redid Act 1 and this was a ‘glitch’ as it were for realigning the tooltip warnings you would have gotten if it was a fresh character.

Hope that makes sense, in a nutshell, I think it was just re-registering how all of the points were allocated for characters already past Act 1.

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So when are we getting bug fixes for the dungeons… 50% of the time I get softlocked in the dungeon and lose my key for nothing. And the huge desyncing issue, game honestly feels pretty shit rn.