Rip blood / carrion hunger

Hi, today the node Carrion hunger in the rip blood skill tree doesn’t work, i don’t understand because it work well yesterday. For more explanation, is it impossible for me to cast rip blood when i’m out of mana, but, i can when i’ve got positive mana (for manacost of 0 by the way due to my mana reduce + 2 point in the Thirst node).
As well, is it possible for me to cast rip blood with the carrion hunger node when i’m out of mana if i don’t equip my new staff (i also equipe the bone harvester). Maybe because the staff give me -3 mana cost ? and the carrion hunger node doesn’t work with non positive mana cost ?
Good luck with yours future plans.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue, unfortunately. Everything seems to be working fine. Could you screenshot your Rip Blood skill tree, and the affixes on all your items? If you notice that changing one item for another helps it would be good to see both of them.

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