Can't cast Rip of Blood with Carrion Hunger when out of mana

hi! Hope you can reproduce this, similar problems I found:



My Problem:
Mana cost of Rip Blood = 1
when having negative mana, I cannot cast it even though I specced into Carrion Hunger

specced nodes:
Hemomencer 3/5
Thirst 2/3
==> Carrion Hunger 1/1
Arcane Absorption 1/4
Run Dry 2/5
Necrotic Inspiration 2/2

my tests:
when despecializing the skill and specializing it again without taking any nodes, it says starting mana cost = 3.
then i took the direct way to Carrion hunger and tested again: problem still exists
(unequipped all items and idols for testing)

further tests: added the 3rd part of “Thirst” which brought the mana cost to 0
→ still could not cast it when out of mana

unallocated Carrion hunger: CASTING possible! so the problem seems to be the carrion hunger node after all.

Hope this info helps you reproduce it, good luck!

kr Andara

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This is a known issue, we’re tracking this internally!

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