Ridiculous GPU and VRAM usage (constant crashes)

The game runs smoothly (capped at 60 fps), but when certain graphical effects appear on the screen, the GPU starts to choke, the GPU utilization goes to 100% and the fps plummets (and the game at times crashes).

…btw I have made a more detailed post about it on reddit: here

I have Ryzen 5600X, 16GBs of 3600 Mhz RAM and MSI RX 480 (8GB).
I have clean-ish windows install, latest drivers, and all the usual stuff in order.

Basically when I launch the game, VRAM and GPU utilization maxes out and if I’m able to load into the game (my PC often crashes before I even get into the game) everything stabilizes. Monitoring system performance during gameplay shows, that my CPU utilization is constantly around 25% and RAM is around 10GB (out of 16GB). The GPU utilization is around 70%, but when certain “problematic” graphical effects appear on the screen, the GPU utilization goes to 100%, the game slows down to a crawl and often crashes.

Most graphically noisy effects (even with lot of mobs on the screen) have no impact on the GPU performance and the game stays at 60 fps, but some (even just one mob spitting acid) can crash my PC.

Honestly I’m getting quite mad, because looking around the internet, this has been a problem for years, but I can’t find any official response addressing this issue specifically, so I’m suspecting the devs know about it (this I’m sure about), but either they don’t know what to do, or aren’t going to do anything (not anytime soon).
This problem happens to all kinds of systems (and graphic cards) and I know this is a beta, but come on, address it, because I feel like those of us with this problem are ignored and forgotten.

Hi there - some people who have experienced crashes find it is resolved by:

I hope one of these works for you

These are way too obvious. Of course I have tried it:D

This one is close enough. I haven’t had any crashes, but I also have heavy utilization at just the title screen. GPU will spike to 100% a few times then settle around 65% before I click anything. Sitting idle in a town area is about the same. PC gets pretty hot with not much on screen to show for it.

Also like OP, I can have quite a bit going on on screen with little impact, but occasionally will get a stuttering effect until the mobs are cleared. I haven’t found any consistency to this, however.

For graphics settings, I’ve been alternating between ultra, very high, and high. Lower settings certainly run my PC cooler, but the visual differences are tough to discern.

My hardware is: i7-10700K, GTX 3080, 32G mem, Win10 on SSD, and 1440p at 144Hz.

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