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RF Lightning Aura Spellblade Build [0.8.1g]

Hello bois, Mordarim here! I was working on a build that replicates RF as closely as possible in gameplay and feel while creating a strong build with good dps and survivability! I am sure you guys will dig it! The fire aura and frost aura equivalents are possible to do but i prefered the look of the lightning one since it reminded me of HEMANs transformation!

The Videoguide: LAST EPOCH - RF Lightning Aura Spellblade Build Guide - I Have The Power! - YouTube

My Twitch: Twitch

Lootfilter (first reply in the post!!): [0.8.1g] Mordarim's Loot Filter Template For Easy Setups

Lootfilter setup video: LAST EPOCH - Easy Template Lootfilter Setup For Every Build! (0.8.1g) - YouTube

Talent planner: Spellblade, Level 78 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Hope you like the build!

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i will try it on my mage! thank you for making a guide.

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