[0.8.1g] Mordarim's Loot Filter Template For Easy Setups

Hello bois! I wanted to create some kind of lootfilter template that provides as much depth as possible while still being as simple as possible. Each equipment slot only has 3 rules. Prefixes, suffixes and lvling/shards. You can adjust what affixes you want to see on each item subtype and adjust which tiers are visible. So you effectively change the strictness of the filter.

Here is the video explaining the filter and how to set it up! - YouTube
Sadly i don´t know how to hide links here. Would appreciate any help!

Template lootfilter.xml (32.2 KB)

This filter is currently setup for my static orb sorc!


RF lightning aura.xml (35.6 KB)
Thats my RF lightning aura spellblade filter


Impressive work, Mordarim! Excellent video, too!

Crit Static Orb.xml (35.9 KB)
Thats my Crit Static Orb Sorcerer Filter
Build guide: LAST EPOCH - Crit Static Orb Sorcerer Build Guide (0.8.1h) Lootfilter included! - YouTube

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Hey, i think you made a small mistake:
The Haste you gain from ‘Focus’ doesn’t grant attack and cast speed. Thats just for Haste Shrines.
normal Haste
shrine Haste

Thank you! I did! I will sticky a comment right away!

cold over time mage.xml (35.8 KB)

Cold dmg over time Sorcerer template

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Cold Aura RF Spellblade.xml (36.1 KB)
Here is the video guide!

Hello bois! Today an updated Cold Dmg Aura Sorcerer filter! cold over time mage Update.xml (35.8 KB)
I also made a guide for it: LAST EPOCH - Cold Aura RF Ice Barrage Build Guide - low input build, easy on the wrist! - YouTube

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