Resetting Echo Web

I got to Corruption 19 and I’ve tried to go to 20 … but it just feels impossible. I’ve said to myself, I should decrease the corruption. So I did, I’ve found a -1 and tried to do it. Impossible to accomplish. Then I went to -5, very impossible to accomplish. So trying to reset by going down in corruption … it was more difficult than going up in corruption.

Is this normal? Should it be less hard resetting by decreasing the corruption? Not being able to reset by decreasing the corruption means the character is bricked? I hope you guys are not going the route POE went were it’s just impossible to play the game.

effectively, there should be a way to downgrade corruption without killing orobis. The way that corruption stacking works, after killing the boss multiple times for blessing farming, you could end up way above what corruption your build can handle

Maybe a quick solution would be a way (button or something) to reset that specific monolith to its default corruption (0 for normal, 100 for empowered) ?