Repeated crashes in Ulatri Cliffs

After I get the shard from the girl and go to the spooky place (named The Ulatri Cliffs), I get bad crashes, roughly every two minutes. It was rock solid until that zone transition.

I’ve hit this on every character (three so far). On one character I was able to get around it by setting my graphics settings from the default (medium) to High (setting them to Lowest made the issue occur almost instantly, which was odd), but that did not help on another character.

Attaching logs of the last two times.

Player.log (55.0 KB)

Player-prev.log (36.8 KB)

Edit: Here’s another two:
Player.log (36.8 KB)

Player-prev.log (37.0 KB)

Hey there

It sucks to hear you have been having these issues.

Some people have found the following helped:

  • verifying game file integrity through Steam client or reinstalling the game (sometimes a file gets corrupted)
  • upgrading to latest graphics drivers
  • deleting the graphics ini file (search for graphics to get the location)

The video driver update does seem to have gotten it to calm down, and I’ve been able to get each of my characters past that part. Hopefully that’ll hold together.

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