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Rename to steam launcher version not loging into game

I just bought this game today. On steams store page it dosent not claim its a online co op or a mmo. Well it is. With what i understood multiplayer was optional and that this was a single player game offline like diablo 2.
It also isnt letting me login to this game either that i just spent almost $40 on in the steam store.
I would like to play the game i bought. Fix it so i can aleast play my game i paid for.

Hi, Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you seem to be having hassles…

LE is in beta so there are things that are not yet available or functional yet… The devs have confirmed that the game will, at launch, have both a solo offline mode and a multiplayer co-op online mode that work independantly of each other… At the moment all we have is solo offline mode with a login verification and in-game chat that requires internet access. Crash info/debug errors are also occassionally sent to the devs via the internet when things go wrong.

When the game is launched the offline mode will work without needing an internet connection to verify your account. It is assumed that this will work with cached credentials but thats up to the devs.

As to your immediate problem about “isnt letting me login”… Can you provide more information on this? Are you getting an error message that can help resolve the issue? Can you post your player.log file which contains debug messages that could indicate what the issue is?

There is sometimes a delay between Steam & EHG servers on new purchases and logins can report errors - most of the time these sort themselves out after a few hours but do occasionally require that you Submit a request – Last Epoch Support. You can also manually login to your EHG account at to verify your login credentials & re-link you EHG account with your Steam account.

I added was playing earlier at 6pm before i left to go to work. I got home i started up and i had notice it loged me out. So i try to log back in and it say wrong email or password. I double checked by login in and out on website and worked great. I do see where it show the account is linked with steam. I also tryed redownloading and a fresh installation of the game. Ill try to get you the player log

ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i implore you

if the player log was try ed and doesnt fit

you must acquit

The game is still not letting me login and i cant find the file your talking about.

I was able to login through the launcher that lastepoch provide. There must be somthing with steam and epoch severs like you said. It did take me 6hours and this info might help others. I think you for contacting with. Yeah im am upset but it really does help to know the devs are listening intently and really hard to the player base. Im always happy when devs go above and beyond to be like that.

I did play for awhile ran fine. I exited the game out and try the steam version. I belive there maybe somthing like you said the steam version is not able to keep up with the main version and so it might not be updating properly maybe.
The steam version did immedltiy fired up after i ran the main launcher to download last epoch and got it up to date wich does take longer then downloading the version on steam.
I belive the steam version might not be updating properly. I dont know im not a program engineer. But what i did do worked excelent.

Hey there…

Glad you could get into the game and play. :wink:

Steam usually works fine but when you have login errors then the standalone launcher removes any steam related issues so its good that its available. The login credentials and linking the EHG account to the Steam account is not always perfect… As I said, sometimes there is a delay depending on what is happening in the background…

Updating via the launcher is slower - yes… probably because EHG dont have big patch servers / network capacity / mirror servers available during the beta / early access… This will change when multiplayer is added & as the player base gets bigger for launch…

Steam updates are usually much faster because of the Steam mirrors but can sometimes go wrong so its a good idea to Verify the Game files whenever there is a steam patch - just to make sure it installed properly.

All game saves, configs and log files are in:
BootDrive:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

Remember, everything is local to your machine right now… There are no online savegames yet… So make sure to backup the savegames for safety and if you do anything to your machine.

Enjoy the game and be sure to post your feedback on the forums…

ps… I am not a dev, I dont work for EHG and I dont get paid to help out here… I am just a player like you… :wink: