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Removing +3 skill chest

Heya, what happens to the points I invest in a skill if I remove my +3 chest?

does a +3 make it worth to use vs say a high stat?

The game will randomly remove 3 points from your skill.

+x to a skill is useful most of the time but not always (depends what skill you use etc)

Cheers. hmm, Well I dropped a mage chest, with +3 AND 10% incr health. Pretty neat, although I probably am hunting int/dex/health/dodge

SO if it removes randomly rather than the final 3, I might need to respec? And hmm, if I put it on again, I gain the same 3 or just 3 again?

Since I don’t know quite how to craft I ended up with this before fracturing, not very great:

+3 shatterstrike/111% cold (dropped), 10% hp (dropped), 11dex, (t5), 78 life (t4), fractured. +16 mana impli.

I mean +3 might be good to use until you get the chest you really want.

Yes you might need to respec couple points etc to “fix” your skill again. Doing it over and over again won’t be worth it (might as well just level it up)

+3 to shatter strike is pretty good actually depending what kind of setup you are running

Ye, as it stands, )without the 3 points invested), it’s kinda like yrun’s wisdom, give or take for me atm. I literally am just levelling with exsang + scav + mourningfrosts and it’s pretty ok :_p erm, l. 74 atm, I was away a bit.

Hmm, JUST died to the bird though to void, so I slapped this on and replaced some idols with a bit of void for the upcoming rematch. Should be fine, was virtually dead when I got caught out (too passive ).

Slapping in 3 points though in that main tree, I think will have massive dmg boost though, so should be fairly ok ye. I just worry about how much time it will take to regain when I shift it out. Also, was this theright thing to do? first use glyph of stab a bit, then switch to guardian once it’s fairly certain fract is inc.?

Good luck with the bird kill :stuck_out_tongue:

Also once you reach 75 your skills level a lot faster so having to respec later is not that big of deal the higher level you get

Yes your crafting order was correct! First you use stability and then guardian when the chance gets too high.

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Ye he was just abotu to die, and i started saving up for mana or something… silly :stuck_out_tongue: with the new chest and a bit void, he is gonna be turkey burger! ,)

EDIT: OMFG I Just entered a map and typing this reply I died to phys AT THE VERY START lmao :(((( 4 echoes I just redid… gone LOL :confused: bummer

Damn turkey ,)

Happens to me sometimes too! It’s unfortunate :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you manage to beat that chicken!

I was away, lost 2nd time, just now typed AGAIN and hit t, portal came up at start and out i went ;/ lost 4, then entered, typed and literally died… just now… having a break, worn out lol. :confused: so I wonder if I should just reset the monolith :confused: I was supposed to be on that 3rd try… sigh.

2nd try btw, I was too slow, with the new chest, so I couldn’t get out ofthe ground segments fast enough… so I don’t know if I should dare try using exsang for movement and gamble on nimbleness!

EDIT: regarding the points being removed… it always takes the same 3… 1 which is one I add(ed) and 2 of my attack speed which i put into max a longtime ago. The reason is possibly that it’s a tree leaf (last node) or something… dunno.

according to mike the nodes removed are predetermined. I think they are the same here is a link

Yea, it’s calculated when it happens but it is deterministic. So given a tree specialized in a specific way, points will always be removed from the same nodes. This is primarily so that the system cannot be abused in some very edge cases.

Hey buddy,



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hehe ye :smiley: same thing happens in poe ,p

Finally got that KFC hot wings turkey!

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