Remove account name above character

Please add an option to remove account names from being displayed above our characters.

This breaks immersion and doesn’t really serve any purpose, especially for solo players.



Also can we have our characters name above our character not out account name? or a toggle between the 2 with an on and off?


Yeah, now that you mention it that is super weird they picked account name instead of character name.

I totally get that having character names show up for other players will be something some people will want but having your own name above your head seems pretty weird to me.

Agree this should be configurable.


Why would anyone ever need to permanently see their own account name (the one with no spaces allowed, capitalized) in the center of the screen is beyond me.

Same goes for character name, it would be great if I can select it to be displayed instead of account name (for other’s to see) but please give an option to hide it from my view.

I don’t need to constantly see it, I know what it is.

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I can’t think of any reason for it to be this way, never seen it in any online game, multiplayer or not.

Other players should be able to see my character’s name if they wish, but NOT my account name.
And I should be able to see… Well, nothing at all, I know who I am.

I would be really curious to hear why it was implemented this way, it does seem “super weird”, to borrow Diznario’s words.

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Vote from me as well, does break the immersion.

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First time getting back in, probably between 1-2 years since my last time playing.
This really bothers me, it is indeed a very strange decision to display the account name above your character. If it was the character name, it would make some sense, but that would also be weird.

Never understood using account name. Dosent that get hackers past the first hurdle? Yeah please allow character name to show. If we run into two Legolas’ in a game so be it.

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Im actually refunding because of this, I cant stand it.

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I mentioned this in a Tech support thread yesterday. It’s really a very odd choice. Curiously, even though the option is enabled in settings, it doesn’t work in offline mode.

There should be a toggle. Also I’d prefer having the actual character name shown, not the account name.

Not sure if its better for account security. Here the forums also shows the acc name.

But why would we choose a character name (a funny or badass one) when nobody ever gets to see it.

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My name is… mmm… ^looks up^ Houlala, and I am an alcoholic.
I used to have really bad blackouts, forgetting everything, even my own name. :pensive:
Until my AA mentor advised me to always carry a sign with my name on it.
Now, people stare at me in the street, but I don’t forget anymore!
Thank you, AA!!!
Signed: … mmm… ^looks up^ Ah, yes: Houlala.

[Seriously devs, get rid of it, this is ridiculous. And non-devs, please upvote the thread in the top left corner to make it more visible! Thanks.]

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The other issue I was concerned about with having my account name above my character is security related. As someone that has considered streaming this game and putting clips of my gameplay on youtube I’m not sure I want my account name on display. I’m not sure if any malicious people would benefit from knowing this information, but I can imagine it possible. At the least I think having a way to toggle this would be nice


It might be unpopular, but I like the account name over the character name. I do think a toggle for the player name would be good for the local client – especially for streamers that want to keep from getting harassed. Once the game reaches 1.0, it might make sense to relax the player-name-above-the-character. For now I suspect it helps developers identify which account is involved for certain reports of activity: be it bugs or malicious behavior or just streaming on-line.

For what it’s worth your EHG name is different from your STEAM login (or should be if you’re concerned about that), so there’s no disclosure of the steam login name there. But I agree: once the game moves to 1.0 at least, some privacy features like hiding the account name on the screen would be good.

Yes, this totally kills immersion. Just make it visible for other players, but not for yourself. That is why i can only play offline. The Accountname is also weird choice instead of character name. Just remove the name completely soon please.

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I totally agree to removing the name shown.
I just started my 1st game and immediately thought, wtf?

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If a name is to be displayed for multiplayer purposes, it certainly should not be an account name. The name of the character would be far more appropriate, and should someone want to become friends, then sharing an account name would make sense. Please fix this system.

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Yeah, I agree that the account name can ruin immersion with playing the game. I think a setting to toggle between account names and character names would be fine for me personally.

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Absolutely totally agree to this. Remove it totally. No need for it to be there.

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