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Remap Controller Buttons

Is it possible to currently remap controller keys? I am using DS4 and it works fine, when I assign the controller I can see which keys are mapped to which abilities, but when I try to remap or remove a keymap it does not do anything. I can press replace, it brings up the window asking to press a key to remap, I press it and it goes back to the main Input Keybindings menu but never changes or remaps any keys. Im just getting back into playing again after a bit of time away and I remember having some issues before but I could have sworn that I was able to remap my controller buttons before. Now it will not let me remap anything.

Hey there… I dont use a controller so I cannot test this myself but as far as I am aware you should be able to remap certain buttons/keys… based on other forum posts, I am pretty sure others have been able to do this but specific controllers do tend to do things differently.

Maybe @Shrukn @AndrewTilley or one of the other controller players will be able to help you (*if they see this).

Alternatively, you could try asking on Discord, LE Discord You are likely to get an answer there from other controller players - and probably faster than you may get help here…

I can’t remember but I think last time I played I may have went into the saved config file location and changed it to read only because it was having issues back then resetting back every time I launched game. I don’t remember, and now I don’t remember where the settings are stored at for controller so I can check… :slight_smile: I will look into it more and see if I can figure out why I can’t make any controller changes.


Wish I could help figure this out but I dont have any physical controllers to plug in myself to see how it works…

Irrelevant but I’ve always been pcmasterrace & keyboard/mouse and every time I try and use anything with a controller (or even my kids Switch device or similar) I end up with debilitating cramps after only 10 minutes… Fingers just cant handle the odd hand positions I suppose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yea, I totally feel ya, I mostly use my PC keyboard and mouse as well as Razer Orbweaver, but there are times where I just want to recline and use controller :slight_smile:
Appreciate the help.

I am having this exact same issue.
Did you ever find a solution for this?

Have a feeling you may get more of a response on the Discord chat… linked above…

Funny you’d mention that because I just posted on the Discord server and got practically yelled at by an user that I should have posted here :slight_smile:

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I figured it out.
For some reason, if you use the mouse to navigate the menu and click the rebind button, it won’t rebind the controller button when you press it.
If you use the controller stick to navigate the menu and access the rebind button however, it rebinds it just fine.

Basically: Just use the controller to navigate the menu and not the mouse.

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