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"Release" of Last Epoch (?)

Bit of a trolling post, but still an interesting question. (Stop reading now if you don’t like fluffy trolls)
I keep hearing people on chat and forum talking about the “release” of Last Epoch, and I am not sure what they mean… Let’s try to understand.

Normal meaning:
“Release” is a fairly simple word, has always been used in computer gaming. It means roughly “becoming available to anyone who wants to buy it”, as opposed to beta testing where you usually need an invite (except time-limited open betas, which are free and used as stretch tests).
By that standard definition, Last Epoch was released a long time ago.

So what do all these people asking “when will Last Epoch release?” really mean?

  • “When will the game be complete and stop evolving?” In that case, I hope the answer is a loud NEVER, and that Eleventh Hour Games will always try to improve and expand.
  • “When the game loses the beta tag?” It is just that, a tag. Doesn’t mean anything when a game is commercially released (ah ah) with the tag still on. Some developpers remove it quickly, some keep it for years to have more freedom for changes, it is quite irrelevant.
  • “When all the classes are in?” “When multiplayer is in?” “When the campaign is complete?” “When some other feature is in?” All of the above? Why call a specific feature a “release”?

So, here is my question: to you people talking about the “release of Last Epoch”, what do you mean? And what will be the big difference showing us that it has been “released”, as opposed to what it is now (a great game, available to everyone, always evolving and improving)?

1.0 is the official “release” and will come with additional content at that time. No idea what it will be but there is a forecast that shows what will be added to the game before release. So 1.0 will come after all of those features are here.

0.9.0 will be multi-player release.

After 1.0 official.release they have confirmed there will be cycles which will be equivalent to seasons or leagues of other arpgs. Meaning the game will continue evolving for a long time

Yeah, “release” as a concept is in a bit of a funny place nowadays for a certain type of online game. If you take PoE as an example, was there much of a difference between 1.0 & the preceding patch? They didn’t add a massive amount of stuff.

Release is and will be whenever it is actually released as in a full finished game.
And that will be whenever it will be.
Which in my book is a very good thing.

Knowing this makes me very sad Boardman21… Now will we have to deal with that worst kind of random person who only plays seasons like in PoE? Please tell me no…I hate randoms…

Given LE will have on-going development like PoE (cycles/leagues), when will that be? Was PoE “finished” at 1.0? What about when they released the ascendancies? Or the atlas, or chapters 5-10?

Why are randoms “bad”? Are only people you know allowed to play leagues?

Neither the ones I know nor the ones I don’t know…Leagues shouldn’t exist…It’s a bunch of ridiculous people who come to play for a week and keep asking for nerf on this or that and harms those who play Standard. Take junk PoE as an example. It’s my opinion. If I know someone who plays PoE and he says he plays leagues, I don’t even talk to that person anymore.

Ah ah, you probably don’t talk too much, that’s a hell of a lot of people!!!

PS: the discussion has nothing to do with the thread anymore, but I am glad I started it, it is getting funny!


I’m one of the ridiculous people: I used to play Seasons in Diablo 3.
usually played them for the whole season.
Each time, it was the occasion for me to simulate a fresh start and see where I could go and what I could achieve.
I also had heroes out of season that I keep and play, but with a different point of view, more based on how I can permanently improve them.

Now, why are you so “violent” in your opinion? You don’t know me, but you talk about me and say false thing. I - among many others - never asked to “nerf this or nerf that”. Sure there are people like this, but I’m pretty sure they are a minority.

Try to open you mind, mate!


I actually speak a lot man! With players who only play on Std! The real players

It was not my intention to generalize man! If you’re not one of those who want to spoil other people’s games, forgive me… My comment wasn’t for you :grinning:


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But why not? Do you not enjoy new stuff to do in a game or are you happy just trudging through the same old content for years on end?

Entirely your prerogative, but that seems a bit … harsh?

But I used to play PoE (before I got bored) leagues (some more than others) so I guess I know where this conversation is going.

Yay for a “no true Scotsman” argument! I’m sure you could find “true” players who would argue for the same nerfs/etc on standard.

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League player detected

My way of thinking bro… It’s always been like this and it always will be

Easy to solve as long as all content is added to Std and I don’t need to have contact with league players

These are league players who are disappointed and log into Std to talk nonsense

Why can’t the “hot new shit” be brought without Seasons? [Important question for me!]
→ I only ask because I usually also rather do without Seasons and “play normally”.
I only sometimes (and somehow unfortunately) let myself be moved because of “Season-exclusive content” to play the same.

However, I am currently thinking of possibly playing more regular Seasons in Last Epoch.
→ Nevertheless, the above question remains and not least the attitude to it that it would be preferable to me without Seasons.

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GGG have always described leagues as a testbed for new stuff which would be migrated to standard if it worked. From memory the times when a league mechanic hasn’t gone core, or at least not immediately, is when they had issues converting it from a big expansive thing that would be in every zone you entered to a smaller version (Syndicate comes to mind).

That said, after a good 8ish years of this, the base game is getting a bit congested.

D3 is the only one that I’m aware of that has season-exclusive content, though I assume you’re primarily a D3 player rather than a PoE player given you’re talking about Seasons rather than Leagues.

When something says “released version” it basically means its has implemented enough core contents that represents the game (like all the intended acts) and quashed enough of bugs and cheats that are game breaking.

So in gaming terms thats not LE at this stage,
But in commoners peasents understanding its “released” cause they can play it.

Lol, my topic is getting funnier and funnier. :grin:
By “commoners peasents” (his spelling, not mine), you mean anybody speaking english, right?
Oxford Dictionary: Release = the action of making a film, recording, or other product available to the public.

Almost, but not quite. It is released because I can BUY it, for full price.

By the way, it is sad you had to become insulting in your last line, because before that you had a good and clear definition, probably very close to what the devs have in mind.

It was quite amusing, though IMO it should have been either “commoners”, “peasants” or “common peasants”.