Release and online play!

Let me get this straight and please give me right info if i am wrong.
They plan to release game in april for people who have purchased the support pack but there is 0 online gameplay for release?
Will there be online gameplay atall?
For me having competive online gameplay is only reason to play a game it is my personal choice and i am just wondering to i got correct info ?

MP is slated for phase 3, we are currently in phase 2 (towards the end I think) so no MP yet.

There is a leaderboard for arena waves (one of the 2 current “end game” activities). There’s also chat, but it’s not the most reliable.

isn’t offline leaderboards kinda pointles as offline= chetaers,coders and whatever?B

Maybe if the game were more popular, but I don’t think people are doing that at the moment. Plus, the higher waves are ****ing hard.

Who need to cheat in Beta game if at realese it will be Wipe)

Don’t doubt on peoples laziness :smiley:

This is not a “release”. The release is postponed to end of the year. As a compensation all the preorders get beta access on the originally planned release date.

For multiplayer there will be online stored chars only to prevent cheating.

Theres a very interesting post about it here:

i think multyplayer have diefrent ladder for competitive side allso like whatever it is lvl 100 or somekinda how many wves cleared stuff. I hope atleast

For those people who have reached higher wawes, have been very open in the community about their builds, so i doubt that cheating is going on, if any :slight_smile:

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