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NOTICE: I saw this topic pop up a few times and I just want to point out that it was initially made in early 2018. I’m not going to modify the body of the text as I think it still reflects our priorities but some things have changed in the last couple years.

Hi Everyone, it’s Mike here to talk about multiplayer in Last Epoch!

We know that many people really want to either play offline or online and not having your preferred play mode available could make a game unplayable. We want you to be able to play the way you want and with the people you want. We are building Last Epoch with online multiplayer and offline single player in mind. Our online multiplayer experience will be server authoritative so ensure the best chance of having no botters or cheaters. This blog will be a dive into the different ways you can play online and what the current plan for that experience looks like. As with everything this early in development, many of these features and how they are realized will change before the final release.

The primary form of multiplayer in Last Epoch is partying with up to 4 of your friends online to take down the toughest monsters in the timeline. We will also be offering PvP in the form of a coliseum. The primary reason that we are planning on breaking these two features off from one another is to avoid predatory practices by high level players. We want to foster a respectful environment that allows players to play the way they want to.

The current plan for multiplayer in the final game will have players joining a central town hub in which they can chat, trade, show off their gear and find a party to venture out into the wilderness with. (Oh and sweet dance parties). We are attempting to bring multiplayer experience to Last Epoch as soon as possible. We have preliminary multiplayer modes that we are testing internally.

The final version of this system will feature the ability to restrict what types of players can see and join your games. This can mean restricting by player level, minimum content completed or friends only. You will also be able to set filters when searching for games. You could look for games that have certain words in the title, minimum/maximum number of players or types of goals that the game is centered around. You will be able to save these filters as pre-set options so you can find the type of game you want to quickly and easily.

Once you are in the game world, you will be automatically assumed to be in a party with each other. Because we are breaking PvP off from the regular game world, we aren’t planning on having the ability to “go hostile” and start killing people. We have been discussing a dueling option or having the ability to create a PvP flagged game. Most of us on the team either like to play PvP or not, we don’t typically like to mix the two together. Having said that, if we get enough of a desire from the player base for it then we will look into implementing it.

We want to have the ping between players and the server be as low as possible so by default players will only join games with other players in the same region. You will be given the option to play with players from other regions with the understanding that latency may become higher than is desirable. We plan to keep the community as tight as possible by allowing global and/or server wide chat that can be easily disabled if you wish.

We will be implementing a league/season/ladder style system into our game where characters are all started from scratch at the same time and played for a relatively short period of time before being integrated into the larger population. The duration and specific details of these leagues is still largely undecided and will be expanded upon later.

What’s your favorite way to play? Online with randoms, party up with your friends or pure solo experience?

Edit: I didn’t bring up LAN play because it’s still undecided. We want to have it. We will do our best to have it in the game.


Awesome write-up Mike! I’ve always been more the type to either play with friends or play solo, the exception of this being in games where group play is required and friends happen to not be available like WoW dungeons and the like. Excited to hear more opinions on preferred play styles!

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This does sound really promising as I like to always play online but have the choice to solo or team up. As Sarno said, Path of Exile got the MP totally wrong. It feels like a single player game with MP as an afterthought and doesn’t work well at all.

To this day the game that gave me the best feeling of a multiplayer community was Sacred. It had small 16 player servers separated by the difficulty mode of the game and they were just open worlds with a small Island that acted as a hub to meet up. We would gather on the island to drop loot for others and arrange teams. Because the entire server was open and had no instances, you would meet people on your travels and lend a hand if they needed it. It worked so well and no MP game has giving me that same community feeling since then.

Four players may also not be enough in a party, in my opinion it held back Diablo 3 as the guild would often have to leave people solo due to the team being full.

How are you planning on dealing with loot drops in teams? I’m not a fan of shared loot to be honest and prefer the way Diablo 3 did it with having your own drops in teams but still showing the good items your guild mates got in the chat when they were identified.


We will do a big deep dive into our loot system. Right now in the early stages of multiplayer loot will just be fully random and whoever clicks on it first gets it.

Down the road this will change, a lot. It will never be as far to the extreme as D3 is. I love finding gear for other characters or friends. I’m working with the rest of the team to make a big push happen with the game ASAP so we’ll have a bigger devblog that goes into this in detail soon.


I’m a mix of ‘party with friends’ and ‘solo’ play. I like being able to play the game at LAN parties (or online), but I also like the option to be able to play the game at my own pace if I want to have a different experience.

I’m another non-fan of shared loot. Would love to see something like this implemented as well, maybe with the option of trading it when playing multiplayer.

Speaking of LAN parties, I remember after the announcement of Hellgate: London but before the retail release, it was revealed that the game would not allow players to host their own multiplayer servers. There was an outcry from a considerable chunk of its (at the time) burgeoning community, myself included, and the writer for the game (of all people) summed up his feelings on the matter with (and I’m paraphrasing out of a sense of decorum), “Who the heck cares about LAN?”

If memory serves, the game went bust within a year of release and I think it’s reasonable to say that everyone who bought the game cared about LAN support at that point since its absence meant the game could no longer be played any way except solo.

I play exclusively with people I know and have never engaged in PvP. For this reason, cheating is not only something I’ve never encountered, but its impact would be negligible since I’m playing cooperatively, not competitively. Grim Dawn and Torchlight II have LAN support built in, as do most of my favorite multiplayer games. Path of Exile and Diablo III will eventually be unplayable, just like Hellgate.

I’m saddened to learn that your game will one day join them.

Yes, I realize that single player will still be an option in the case of Last Epoch, unlike the two from my example above. But that’s half a game at that point, isn’t it? Just like the husk Hellgate became when the servers went offline.

If this post seems overly negative, I apologize. I’m actually hugely excited about LE, and am anxiously awaiting its Kickstarter. But my enthusiasm is tempered by this announcement regarding the proposed handling of single player and multiplayer, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t voice my trepidation.

To end on a positive note, I’m seriously digging the ambiance from the video, due in no small part to the music. I’m hoping that it will be included in one of the Kickstarter tiers or as an addon. You’ve also earned by undying affection with the Autosort feature I noticed in the inventory panel. I wish more game designers considered QoL features such as these in loot-based games.

In summary, I’m a grumpy gamer with strong opinions but I’m really keen to see what you’ve got in store for us with Last Epoch.

Thanks for your time.

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Dude! I’m so sorry I wasn’t clear.

Nothing is set in stone.

I’m a massive LAN party guy. I’m one of the lead organizers of a massive annual LAN party. I go to monthly LAN parties. We are absolutely working towards LAN play. It’s just not something we are doing for our pre-Kickstarter demo. It’s not our current focus. I have an active D2 LAN character that I play with my buddies once every couple months at a LAN party.

We absolutely want to have LAN play. It is not cut from the game. If we get an outcry for LAN play as a primary feature then it will move up the list from a want to a need.


Love it

Dunno if you’re aware, but you may be interested in this;

(Sorry for off-topic post.)


Hello! I’m a veteran gamer that is excited about Last Epoch, but I have a few questions. I love complicated/interesting gameplay and I particularly enjoyed raiding in WoW. Some of the boss fights use interesting mechanics and make your party balance judgement, skill and experience to overcome the boss. There are also some clearly defined part roles, tank, healer, dps, that aren’t always present in ARPGs. I’m wondering if you are planning on having more complicated boss fights or roles in the endgame?

Hi Terranisaur!

We definitely want to have difficult boss fights to ensure that the endgame is challenging. This is something which will likely not really be seen until late in the alpha or even the beta.

We don’t plan on having roles such as those. Typically either healers aren’t really capable of doing much content solo, which doesn’t feel good - or they’ve the same damage as everyone else, so everyone plays healer because they’re superior. Some classes (Paladin’s a good example) will have more utility than others. There’ll definitely be ways of helping your team, but not to the extent of an MMO’s healer.


+1 for LAN

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Can you play from Japan? I want to play with my friends.

We’ll be testing multiplayer during our beta stage of development.

The alpha is primarily client-side.


Can’t wait to try out some multiplayer once it is available. It’s my favorite part of ARPG’s. Well that and PVP haha.


Thank you I can not wait

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pet pet
good kitty. You’re very right…so right.

Play with alpha for a while and wait for beta! Looking forward to online mode! I’m sorry, my English is not good


Hey guys,
Some days after the beta launch, I feel really frustrating about this lack of coop.

Give us some ways to play with each-others!

I am wondering, does LAN implementation easier than online multiplayer? If so, you could make some trade-off…

Thanks anyway!