Reddit karma threshold is annoying and a bad idea

Hi i am Totote97

i want to say hello to everyone i am new here, i bought this game yesterday and i wanted to join the community and participate in the discusion and give feedback too, but because i decide some days ago that i have some complains about other matters in other games, now i have negative karma and i can´t post on last epoch reddit, please change this filter you have, one of the main things of reddit is discuss and when there are disagreements that usually ends in bad karma, participating in a discussion and talking unpopular things should not let you out of a discusion.

Imagine if twitter do that, half of twitter profiles would be banned from anywhere.

I really do not have any experience with reddit.
But that sounds like a terrible system.

All i can say is: Welcome to the LE Forum.

Feel free to start any discussion here or participate in any.
I can savely say, that the majority of people here do respect others opinions, even if they are “unpopular”.

I myself probably did already made alot of statements, many people don’t like or agree with :smiling_imp:

I don’t know how attached you are to Reddit as a Platform, but when it comes down to discussing things LE, i think the forum is the best place anyway.

The LE Forum is one of the best forums i have used since i am in the internet.


I had a lot of times different oppinions in reddit and never got negative Karma that way. Is your reddit handle the same as here? Now I’m eager to investigate :D.

On the other hand you can post here and over on Steam so F reddit and move on ^^.

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Steam is by far the worst platform for discussions, imho. Very low quality discussions. I don’t mean LE in particular. Just my general impression.

I like Reddit a lot more.

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i started my reddit two weeks ago because i wanted to talk about a game i was really dissapointed and since i did not have any karma the bad one was put in place when people downvoted my post (i think one start with karma on +1 on reddit)

Edit: Btw thanks to all for your nice comments :smiley:

Did you try to create some posts to get that obligatory +1 karma?

Don’t know if you just need to counter -5 or if you had a really bad day and need to create 200 posts to get to 0… :laughing:

Or just do as suggested and stay with us here :grin:. Apart from @Heavy, all people are really nice here!

i don’t know, they did not told me but i don´t want to start “smiles and rainbows” kind of posts only to “grind” to good karma, also i don’t have more than -20 of karma so should not be a big thing but anyways.

Reddit accounts have positive karma upon creation, and posts which are both heavily upvoted and also heavily downvoted increase your karma overall due to a cap on the number of downvotes that can impact your karma. To offer an example of this, the most heavily downvoted Reddit comment of all time was this one by EACommunityTeam, which received 668,000 more downvotes than it did upvotes. Clicking on the link to their profile will show a handful of comments with hundreds or dozens of net upvotes, and about as many with several hundred thousand net downvotes. Their comment karma is positive and a five-digit number.

There was a time when bots advertising knock-off merchandise such as t-shirts were taking up a considerable amount of our time, and also making r/LastEpoch look unmoderated - nobody likes going to a subreddit and seeing spam from bots on the front page. The introduction of a modest karma requirement to post in our subreddit resolved that problem overnight - most bots have in the range of +5 - -5 karma, and so their spam is removed without ever being seen.

I am genuinely sorry that this filter is impacting you, however I have to respectfully disagree with your claim that it is a bad idea. The metric relied upon by the filter is biased in your favour. The subreddit has nearly 10,000 Redditors subscribed to it, receives comments and votes from people that aren’t included in that number, and I believe this is the first time a user with negative karma has contacted us regarding it. The filter does a tremendous amount of good.

Every Redditor occasionally has comments downvoted, and I can appreciate that this happening several times right at the start may taint one’s impression of the system as a whole. That said, I do think you may have been overly quick to judge it. Just spending some time in subreddits relevant to your interests and being respectful when posting will result in the majority of your posts being well-received. This is how the system works and won’t take long at all.


while i understand your point of trying to keep a good being of the reddit community i think 5/-5 barrier is too low to an app that can be as conflictive as twitter sometimes, there should be an strike system or some rules to avoid spammers or maybe some minimun time to be able post and comment (as other communities use), but just because the only other post i ever done in reddit was bad receive should not punish my activity in another entirely different community.

PD: Thx for the anwers Sarno but looks like a thing that can do more harm that good at least in those ranges, like i already state giving a minimun time to be able to participate in the reddit could be a better option.

What you suggest is outside of what we can achieve on Reddit; we cannot perform any real programming there - all we can do is configure tools made available to us by Reddit.

Respectfully, I’m still not quite sure you get just how low a proportion of legitimate users would be impacted by this, or just how quickly the problem would go away. Submitting a single on-topic link to a subreddit you’re interested in could you get you 100 karma in the blink of an eye.

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Out of curiosity, if a person did get sufficient negative karma to not be able to post, would there be a way to get out of that particular hole? Having not used reddit, would this not mean you couldn’t post at all? Or is that just new threads not replies?

Sure; there’s an unfathomably large number of subreddits.

Many don’t have such a filter in place, but some do.


That depends on how it is configured. For r/LastEpoch, it’s all or nothing.

sure i could but i don’t want to start posts i really don’t care and is really annoying to have to always keep seeing my back if someone have a bad intention and lows my karma because disagree with me.
Also i would like to know what would happen if i already where part of the community and then my karma go to lets say -10 i would lost in that moment my right to post automatic way?

BTW: sorry if i edit soo much or change the order of words of conjugation, i am not english native and i try my best so try to have patience with me XD.

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So positive karma is shared but negative karma is sub-reddit-specific?

On my personal account within the last seven days, I have;

  • Asked a question because I didn’t know the answer.
  • Linked another Redditor to a similar thread they were interested in.
  • Offered neutral commentary regarding an article that had been shared.

The net votes each time was several dozen upvotes. You don’t have to “grind” karma, as you put it. I get the impression you’ve had a single negative experience based on writing critical comments of a game in a subreddit predominantly visited by its fans, and you’re basing your entire impression of the website on that one experience. I understand why your impression would therefore be negative, but I don’t think you’ve really given it much of a chance.

No; on Reddit an account has post karma and comment karma.

Some subreddits (individual communities) use filters based on these, and others don’t.

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thats indeed the case, just one post on one community, i usually don’t use reddit but i wanted to express myself and as you already state, that was what happen, but i am not the only nor the first person that have that kind of impression about the site, usually when you try to post in a lot of games subreddit that things happen.
its so common that became a meme :laughing:

PD: well at least i already post my concerns and disagreement with the reddit problem, but since you already said that you have kind of “tied hands” in this matter because of reddit poor developer toolkit i am gonna drop the complains here and just stick to the use of forums (of course with the respect and rules that have) anyways thx Sarno for your fast replies, and thanks for read and answer so quick.

This is my last question, if i close my reddit account and make another from zero there is no problem right? there is no ip block or anything so as well as i stay “clean” i can post right?

i have positive karma (12) and could not post in LE Reddit either when i tried… which is really strange… after trying several times and contacted LE team over discord i gave up on reddit. so sad.

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Yeah. Reddit does not prevent you from having several accounts.