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Rebuke breaks with increased cast speed

Rebuke breaks when you equip an item with enough increased cast speed. Equipping gloves with 5% increase did not break it, but equipping the unique item Isadora’s Tomb Binding (a belt) which gives 10-15% cast speed causes the issue every time for me. After I take off all cast speed increase items Rebuke returns to normal.

I noticed two related bugs with this issue:


+1, sharing the same experience.

Rebuke broke at some point during play and I wasn’t sure when/why - after reading this thread, tested removing Cast Speed and it started working again just fine.
I was getting +Cast Speed from the Sentinel Passive tree skill “Blademaster” (+Atk & Cast speed with 2H Sword/Axe) and had to unspec all points from that skill for Rebuke to function properly.

Rebuke being “broke” = “Protective Legacy” and “Solemn Vow” passives do not work - no matter how long Rebuke is channeled, if you have additional Cast Speed you will not receive the buff effect (it appears and immediately fades after releasing the channel).
Rebuke seems to still do what it is intended to do DURING the channel but after-effects are broken by Cast Speed.

If using Rebuke while moving, with the additional cast speed, the character animation also breaks and the character is locked in an idle standing pose and you can float around (kind of like a T pose, except an idle pose).

Same here :frowning:

I unequipped all my items and rebukes works again, but it stops working when I equip my items again

I wrote that first post you linked and it seems you’re right. Removing all sources of cast speed feels like it fixed the issue.

Same here. Also happens below 50 fps without any cast speed.

I am able to reproduce by lowering my FPS. We are currently investigating this issue.

Thank you.