Real Technical Requirements for Last Epoch

I read several articles about this game and I have a hunch that I may experience some technical issues running LE on maximum settings. My PC is the following:

HP Envy TE01-1007ur MT 1F9R8EA (Intel Corei7, 16 Gb RAM, Nvidia Geforce 1660 Super).

Can I run LE on maximum settings with my PC?

I have a i5 9400f, 16gbram, 1660super. It runs ok for me, I don’t run on max, I have a couple setting on high/medium, and the others low. I’d keep shadows on low, and a couple other things for sure. I started playing this game about 2yr ago and the performance and graphics have improved drastically since than. I average 80-100fps(I cap it at 100) when not much is going on. But there can still be fps drops, where it goes to 30-40fps if a lots happening. This is still an early access game obviously, so performance improvements are still coming.

Well the game is still in development, a while from release. So your specs might be able to run everything maximum at release but not necessarily right now.

Simple answer: No.

Complicated answer: The game is in beta and unoptimised. While performance improvements are included in patches, the devs havent dedicated any specific resources to game optimisation and performance yet - this is expected to happen when more of the game is complete.

Based on your hardware tho, I do not think that you will be able to play the game at maximum settings (e.g. Ultra quality, high framerate, high resolution) even after the game is optimised and released - that would be, imho, an unrealistic expectation.

Right now - with the game in its current state - I would expect you to be able to play decently/stably at 1080p, Low/Medium quality with perhaps 60-75fps. After optimisation… perhaps Medium/High settings.

It is pretty bad. But why I can’t do it? I run PoE at max settings without issues and honestly visually this game don’t look many times better than PoE or even Grim Dawn at some moments (I run this game on best settings too). I just can’t understand why. 1660 Super is pretty decent GPU and their is no need to be top-notch on progress because many game devs are not making games which have super powerful visuals (like Crysis back then) because of the current state of affairs in industry where new GPU is not affordable for players.
So…in your opinion Vapourfire which PC should some person have to play this game on Ultra settings?

The game is in beta and hasnt had any specific resources dedicated to finding and dealing with performance related issues beyond that which are addressed with each patch…

Thats fairly normal for a game that still has a lot of content to be added and complex changes still to be implemented for things like Multiplayer (major performance changes there).

There isnt much point in optimising content when it could be entirely changed or replaced - something that has happened quite a few times in the last year/two…

Comparing the performance of LE in its current state to the performance of released games isnt really useful.

Note before reading further, I have no affiliation with EHG and the following are purely my thoughts/recommendations on your question regarding playing on Ultra quality settings and assume that the games current performance issues are resolved.

A 1660 Super GPU is ok… but its only about 25-30% faster than a 1060 from 2016 so expecting it to perform at Ultra levels in 2022 is, imho, not realistic. A 1060 is the recommended system requirement at the moment which, to me at least, means that it should be able to play the game (on release) at medium settings at 1080p at around 60fps. For a 5-6 year old card, I would think that would be very acceptable.

Obviously the resolution & target framerate will play a very big part in answering your question (assuming the game is optimised):

  • at 1080p I would expect something like a 2060 Super / 3060 to be able to get to Ultra with a decent 60fps.
  • at 1440p I would expect 2080 Super or 3060 Ti levels to achieve the same.
  • Higher resolutions and framerates would then move into the realms of 3070/80s etc…

using Nvidia GPUs for illustration purposes only, AMD equivalents apply and obviously if the devs are able to improve performance substantially before launch, then this estimation may be off

Well…hopefully the devs will figure out something to make this game not to exceed the PoE technical requirements for maximum settings.

Well… The minimum & recommended specs for PoE (via Steam) are just a smidge less than the current equivalent specs for LE… So I would expect that EHG are trying to keep things in a similar ballpark…

PoE is running on an inhouse developed game engine so they are not restricted to the limitations and capabilities of a third party developed engine like LE is (Unity 2019.4LTS) and PoE has implemented various things to improve performance and take advantage of newer hardware… This is both a pro and con for them depending on how well they can implement things… LE is already limited by the version of Unity they are using so performance beyond a certain point of optimisation is going to be restricted by whatever Unity 2019.4 is capable of… For example, LE will not be able to take advantage of newer Unity versions DLSS/FidelityFX features… nothing anyone can do about that and upgrading LE to newer unity versions means potentially year(s) of additional work.

Whatever happens with LE, aiming for Maximum settings in any game is not something I recommend unless you have endless amounts of disposable cash lying around to purchase cutting edge hardware every 3 months. Even then I never advocate redlining any hardware for any game - I dont see the point…

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