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Real hero - Part W - Ignite Warpath Paladin

This one went exceptionaly well during the campaign.
But I put some care on it, with some good legendaries I had in stash.

I know there are useless points in Warpath. It’s because I’m still not decided: should I go dual Eye of Reen or should I go with a two-hander? I’ve reserved the points in case of a two-hander.

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Awwww, sweet memories, my very first character was a fire warpath paladin. On HC.
Died to Lagon on my very first campaign, I re-created him and he is still alive, lvl 71 or something I think, haven’t played him for a while.

I specced out of Lunge after a while (I still use it unspecced) and took Judgement for bosses/rares. It melts them, you should give it a try! No need to spam it, just cast once to get the consecrated ground then start spinning again. Spec it taking increased damage on bosses and all the consecrated ground nodes you can get.
Other main difference is that being on HC, I went for 1-hander with shield. I don’t want the 15% damage increase for dual wielding on hc.

Edit: no Path of Fire? It looks good for ignite?

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I may try that, but even now it is very fast against bosses.

I took it but it felt a bit weak and I needed points, so I was considering putting it back as my last point.

Here he is now.

One only Eye of Reen, the legendary Rainbow Edge is too awesome to be removed. And Eye of Reen is only partially used: I don’t or almost don’t crit. But the Ignite chance is nice though.
I’m still searching for a two handed weapon. I have a 1LP Volcanus, but it’s pure fire damage and not Ignite, while I really want to focus on damage over time. I’ll probably end with a crafted item.

Have been messing with Fire Warpath and have been using a 3LP Volcanus with 275% Increased Fire Damage (total Character sheet of 970% increased fire damage). With empowered monos (only 100 corruption) it doesnt seem to do enough damage (especially compared to a the VK Warpath)…

Keeping fire damage and did a quick test of using a prism helm for the + Crit chance and the damage was much better but still lacklustre… Unfortunately didnt get crit chance on my Volcanus but I have a feeling it would have made a big difference… Additional +flat fire melee might also make a difference because of the high % increase but again, other than the increased fire, i got bad rolls for the other 2 LP slots…

I think chosing between DoT vs Hit damage is where I am personally struggling with a fire base warpath… Havent given up on it, and probably going to try the dual wield crit Reen/Edge idea to test and compare…

I think my problem is that I have a very good rolled VK Void Warpath build that I keep comparing the fire one to…

That was part of the idea. I really like Warpath, I really love my VK Time Rot Warpath, I wanted to have a Warpath guy in each mastery. And for me, a build is really a success when it reaches empowered. After that, I tend to get bored.
I’ll also need a Warpath Forge Guard. I already have one, but it’s a minion build. I’ll see if I can mess around with Crit Warpath.
New gloves for the Paladin:

He just defeated the Big Bad Dragon. Now, timelines 90.

And I start to hear an Acolyte calling me…

Level 77, defeated Heorot, two timelines remaining before empowered.
I’m really starting to have mana issues now, due to Lunge, Smite and Divine Bolt.
I’m seriously considering removing Smite. But replace with what? As @Houlala suggested, probably Judgement. I’ll think about it before starting next timeline.
I’ve tried again Volcanus, but it won’t fit. Maybe a 2LP with Attack Speed and Ignite Chance, but I only have a 1LP and it won’t be enough.
So I guess I’ll try to find a LP Eye of Reen.

Still having fun. I’m now attached to what was supposed to be a campaign only hero.

Or Void Cleave? I really love this skill, and it can have the fire tag. But it will probably not be optimal in such a configuration.
Sorry, I’m thinking loud, I try to share my thoughts and the building process… If you’re not interested, tell me and I’ll stop!

Isn’t Void Cleave 2 handers only? I am not in game to check but I believe it is.

Not sure Judgement will help with mana issues, it is a bit expensive.
But I still like it because you can control when to cast it, you don’t need it too often, and the Consecrated Ground is a solid boost, especially on ignite build.

You’re right, it’s two handed axe or sword. So no Void Cleave then.

If I stop Smite, I will lose far less mana, so that will leave more for Judgement. It’s 15 mana, it’s not huge. At least I can try, and if it doesn’t work I find something else. I also have Volatile Reversal as an option, but I’m less fan of it.

OK, not really impressed by Judgement. Still some testing to do, I have no strong alternative. The build still works well though.

And he’s now able to enter empowered timelines. As a bonus, as he has reached level 82, he can wear Wings of Argentus and become even a bit more tanky.

I’m still not convinced about Judgement, maybe I did not spec it the best way. No more mana issue now, unless I channel Warpath for very long and use Judgement multiple times. It’s been a bit hard for example with the three Fire Shamans.

Overall, a fun build, very pleasant to play.

My very 1st Character is a Warpath Paladin with bleed=>Fire Conversion with extra fire explosions, and some Poison DoT using the Ruby Fang set to add to the overall 25K+ tooltip dmg it currently has unbuffed. It is pretty good dps overall when timing the buffs on the bosses, and some decent clear speed. Very enjoyable to play indeed with enough investment into some legendaries to get it past certain thresholds of content like Julra, so there’s still plenty of room for my build to get stronger (Being a non-VK Faceroll build).

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I don’t know, mine is very similar. Maybe it’s just not that good. But what else?
You could try taking the frenzy node at the bottom, Ensuing Fervour. Frenzy is always good. I would say only 2/4 in Divine Destruction, and same in Destructive Impact, saving 4 points for 4 seconds of frenzy.
Or completely change and go volatile reversal for the buffs. :thinking:
Decisons, decisions…

I would like to avoid that, in fact. I don’t feel it fits in the Paladin thematic and I’m not a huge fan of this kind of boost. Judgement will probably stay as is, the idea was good. It’s good with packs of mobs, though, so I may respec it a bit. We’ll see later.

100% agree, that’s why my paladins never use it!
Who cares about power? Class identity and purity of our souls is what really matters!
Follow the light!
Edit: that’s also why I tried to integrate Judgement in my build in the first place. A bit of melee, a bit of light, some ground aura, it feels extremely paladin-y!

To be fair, it’s even one reason why I almost never play in Empowered. For me, the job is done, the character has proven reliable when he enters empowered timelines. I can play it more, but it’s just some bonus.
There is only one char that really plays empowered, I use him for rare boss drops for example.

So, I just wanted to add/link my FG WP Ignite build. Got it to 100 and cruising through empowered without issues. Still hunting LP gloves/boots and a higher LP relic.


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Interesting, 2 base sentinel skills, 2 void knight skills, 1 paladin skill, yet you choose to be a forge guard. That’s unexpected! :slightly_smiling_face:

Question after a quick glance, why 6 points in shield breaker, I don’t see a throwing attack?

So, I actually go back and forth between abyssal echoes and forge strike quite a bit. Forge strike gives armor, fire pen, and ignite which are also nice.

Axe Thrower node in the Sentinel tree. Throws and axe each time you hit at 40% chance. It’s a lot with WP. It counts towards shield breaker without the cost.


Oh yeah, I went FG cause you can convert your bleed to ignite in the warpath tree and you get A LOT in FG with an axe.

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