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Real hero - Part W - Ignite Warpath Paladin

How do you find the updated Dragon Shoes with the crit proc and the reduced damage for crits you get…?

Do you feel the 75% reduced damage is enough not to get it on the weapon too?

Is Fire Trail worth it for the ignite?

Abyssal echos… you dont go the fire conversion route - just the DoT route… Does Embrace the Darkness win over the fire nodes?

Moulded By Force Passive for the Bleed with 2H Axe - is this worth it vs spending those points on more health / defensive? considering you are stacking fire mostly (and yes DoT)…

I had the boots sitting in my stash before I made this character and they auto updated on release day. They are 85% reduction. I take crits but have enough armour and crit reduction that it’s basically just a hit. I’m fine at the moment.

Fire trail is nice to have. It procs A LOT on orobyss and you can get him standing still in it.

If you go the fire route, you lose abyssal decay and the perks that come along with it. In the left side it adds a lot of stuff, blind, extra dot dmg taken, penetration, etc. Also, with fire you would need to be stacking vitality and attunement to make it worth anything. I kind of flip points around in there since there are like 5 or so points you can play with.

Same for me, I saw that when trying to find stuff for another character. The boots are very interesting.