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Ravenous Void Hype

I have been running empowered Last Ruin for over a week now and am up to 321 runs and 395 corruption and yet to see this item. So what is so special about it ? is it not just 15% damage reduction ? if so then that 15% still wont stop me getting 1 shot in T4 Soulfire Bastion or Temporal Sanctum. I am really confused around all the hype and the REDICULOUS time it takes to find it.

Well, while 15% less damage is incredibly powerful - its probably not going to stop you from being 1-shot in t4 dungeons - nothing is supposed to mitigate being one shot from the boss telegraphed mechanics. Thats how the devs have designed them so its unlikely any items are going to save you from them. If you a farming one specifically to do that, then you are likely going to be disappointed.

The 15% reduction and other affixes are very powerful in other situations and can be very helpful.

As to it being a chase item… I have 2k hours in the game and have found 2 (without farming for them specifically) and I use both in builds purely because its hard to get the equivalent permanent DR in other ways.

Thanks that is good advice. It impossible to avoid all the small boulders in T4 Lightless Arbor as they fall too fast and too randomly. So you saying farming for Rav Void is waste of time in that case.

I have never specifically farmed for it - the two I got where just lucky while I was farming or doing monoliths for other things. I dont tend to farm specifically for uniques in LE - its pretty hard to up the odds of finding certain items so I dont bother and just let Lady Luck have her day. The only one I ever farmed for was The Maw axe with LP, but doing Orobyss is an easy farm.

Regarding the Lightless Arbour fight - there are ways around the boulders - see Heavys video for some tips:

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It is important to note, that there are two types of boulders, one is slightly bigger and spawns an add after impact.
The one that is bigger and also spawns the add is way more deadly and only tankable with very tanky builds.

Except the size of the telegraph they are pretty much indistinguishable, which is on the devs and should be changed to make the one that is bigger and also spawns the add unambiguous.

The other small boulders are pretty much survivalable by any build with decent sustain.