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Rank 1 Necro 260+ Arena Wave Fire/Crit Skelemancer V2 (Acolyte) Build

Hey guys here is my minion build updated for the new patch! I pushed it to 262, so great for arena pushing and good at mono clear! I think any minion lovers would absolutely enjoy this, as well as those who don’t like minions typically. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Build Planner:


Build guide link?

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I assume you meant the planner, added it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, that’d be the one. :slight_smile: Ta.

Edit: Does Logi’s Hunger not provide +2 to your two minion skills? Would it be an effective unique?

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Logi’s wouldn’t be very effective in this build, from what I could tell. The +2 for both Skeleton and Skeleton Mages wouldn’t go very far in comparison to the +100% to +200% crit multi on Death Rattle. Most of the good nodes in the trees are taken without the + level nodes. The options available are taking more clear/attack speed in either tree and I don’t think those will make up for the crit multi loss.

Hey a build that doesn’t use uniques from MOF. Thanks I have a necro I already leveled up, will give this a try later.

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Heck yeah! The build is even less gear dependent with minion changes, just slap some hp regen/minion hp and you good. Hope you enjoy it!

can you show some 260 arena footage please so i can see survivablilty, i can do 201 on my necro minon may try this to thanks

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Yeah! I will push it either this weekend or sometime next week and I will get a clip :slight_smile:

Ermahgerd! Erma Nercermerncer!

Bored this fine Saturday morning so I started an acolyte and ran with your build. Didn’t take long to get her to 28-29, part way into the second half of the main quest after getting her mastery. This is a very nice build for newer players. Doesn’t take much in the way of gear early on. I just ran an acolyte filter and crafted gear. You can easily run with what you find.

I do think, though, that something like an Arboreal Circuit early on is very helpful. They’re easily gambled and seem to drop well. Kudos on the build. Very powerful so far and something newer players can play and have fun with.

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Awesome to hear you’re enjoying it! Yeah there are plenty of uniques that can be utilized for this build, Reach of the Grave is another that could be used with Arboreal Circuit. It’s nice that the build doesn’t require to much to get started and it only get better and better as you get the gear upgrades. If you have any other comments, questions, or improvements, let me know!

Hey, I picked up my necro today to try this out.
But what is wrong with Summon Skeleton AI? Every time I want to avoid a mechanic half of my minions follow me instantly instead of dps. It’s extremely frustrating. The mages seems ok in the other hand.
Is that from the latest patch? I haven’t play necro in two patches but before the problem was reversal, the minions stayed at the back hitting every mob in the way but in my opinion the state of Skeletons right now is way worse isn’t it?

Minion AI is a bit wonky. It sucks but they are working on it. It’s why I utilize the Rip Blood enemy priority node and I consistently use A. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but I’ve been able to manage pretty well.

I have been playing Necro since 0.7.8 and it’s about the same as it’s always been. I have not noticed any changes from then and now.

I see, I figured about rip blood but still not working properly. I did more testing and it’s really the skeletons who suck hard. They are following you until you stop running every time. I just replaced them until with golem for the time being even if its not as powerful.

Yeah and you see in my video I stop a lot to allow them to kill stuff. When they get strong enough you only need them to attack for a sec or two.

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Hey Zeckar, found your vid on YT and just dropped by to say thank you! Bought the game and your guide is really helful, nicely structured and easy to follow. Am level 30 now :slight_smile:

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Glad it’s going well hope you keep enjoying my build and the game! Lots to explore :slight_smile:

Hi, amazing build, I’m now 40+ lvl, when should I change my gear to minion health and crits ? As for now I have it 50/50 increased health + damage, no luck with reasonable boots as for now :confused: But I have a nice set (ring + belt + wand/stick) which gives flat +15 ele damange to skeletons damage.
One more thing - in the Dread Shade you took Spectral Distance -> as you play with Archers & Mages is it worth ? I understand that Dread Shade buffs all minions outside the area of effect, but of course mages and archers don’t spread, they stand next to each other. So they are inside that area, meaning no buff ?

So crit gearing should be ASAP, you get it on chest/helm/idols, this is how we keep dmg sustain high and clear faster. As you find pieces with flat crit, you should wear it if you have nothing else and just craft whatever defensive affixes you need (minion regen/minion hp). That set piece isn’t really worth too much, yes you get flat dmg, but only with the full set which takes up far too many gear slots.

Dread Shade (DS) is typically cast on Bone Prison (Bone Curse) to taunt enemies (if in arena) and in monos you’d just throw it down behind you or out of the way, then cast DS on it to empower your other minions. I try not to ever cast it on my mages/archers.

I missed that part on YT regarding DS on BP :stuck_out_tongue: that makes sense now. Will start changing my gear as suggested, the set takes weapon + belt + relic, I think I have some replacement for relic, but what kind of weapon I should be looking for ? It might take some time to drop your unique, so anything with + minion dmg?

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