Random game crashes

Hi everyone, new player here and unfortunately I’ve been getting regular crashes since I’ve started playing the game, making it outright unplayable.
I’ve attached player.log file from the crash folder, and a dxdiag file. I’m unsure if anything else is needed to pinpoint the issue so please let me know if that’s the case. I’ve got a hunch it might be a unity related issue rather than a specific last epoch issue after reading different forum posts, but I’ve yet to find a fix.
I’ve of course already tried repairing game files through steam and reinstalling the game. I’ve also ran a sfc /scannow and none of my windows files are corrupt. My windows and gpu drivers are up to date as of me posting this. Thank you for any help that anyone can provide!

Edited with graphics ini file as well. I should note that I’ve played around with graphics options, fullscreen vs windowed, low/medium/high graphics, the game crashes all the same. The crashes usually happen after 5-10 mins of gameplay, then the game completely freezes for a few seconds and shuts down.

DxDiag.txt (136.0 KB)

Player.log (270.5 KB)

le_graphicsmanager.ini (482 Bytes)

You are not the only one. It crashes like crazy


I may be able to help you.

Can you tell me your configuration? Which CPU and which mainboard?