Rampage werebear skill not working most of the time

Most of the time the animation plays out and I get to see my character charging with rampage, but as soon as the animation ends, I’m teleported back to my starting position when the skill was activated.

It feels like the activation of the skill fails to register, but the animation still plays regardless.

This happens more often than not, and in case it’s relevant: I’m always playing with ~160 ping due to server select bug.

  1. I press Rampage and my character walks slowly, as soon as i use another ability im instantly teleported forward as if the skill had functioned normally. So the distance travelled is actually calculated and travelled, but not made visual.
  2. I press Rampage and i travel for some time, then im teleported back to my original location where i pressed it.
  3. I press Rampage and im stuck in the position where i pressed it. Then i cant get out of this place anymore. When i press rampage at this location again, my character charges in the specified direction and afterwards i am teleported back to the original location. I have to restart the game at this point because nothing else fixes it.

BTW its very awful to control this skill.
Description says its rush to your Mouse cursor but when i use this skill my bear rush and rush and rush until he hit some objective like wall.
Its impossible to control anything when i use this skill. Endless run without control until hit a enemy or wall.
The only way to stop this skill is to use another

Very iritating

We should be able to control our bear when rushing or cancel rush when releasing butfon

Same, Rampage works about 30% of the time, and even then it does seem like something you should be able to control with the mouse. But I hardly use it since it’s hard to know whether it’ll work, whether the character will move but the animation won’t, or whether the skill gets used but just doesn’t do anything. Hopefully it’s one of the movement skills EHG is actively looking at

This skill is broken for me a good 75%+ of the time just like the above replies. I get a lot of “warp back to last place I used it” and I can only take that it’s broken by the fact that the enemies just ignore you when you’ve going to teleport back. In even trying to use the skill you probably spend more time rubber banding than if you just never used it in the first place.

You can also activate (and fail to get the buff) shrines by using rampage, clicking on a shrine on the way by, and then rubber-banding back with no shrine buff and no ability to activate the shrine again.

Beyond just the bugs of the skill, it’s just a pretty unsatisfying skill to use anyways. It’s not that fast, you need to interrupt it with an attack or skill to actually stop it, and you lose your haste/ferocity buff if you dip below 6 stacks of maelstrom so you’re constantly having to roar out of it.

I’ve played a fair bit with Rampage and I can say that when you use it like any other regular skill, it’s completely broken across the board:

  • Constant desyncs where my character moves in a direction, but I can see the lightning bolts from the Crackling Assault node go in a completely different direction. Then when I reuse the skill, my character teleports to where the lightning bolts are.
  • I often get stuck in place, especially where there is uneven ground (stairs, slopes, etc.)
  • Another type of desync where my character starts rampaging towards my cursor, but I can’t see any lightning bolt at all. Then, when I reuse the skill, I get teleported back to where I was when I first used rampage. Almost like on the server side of things, I didn’t use Rampage at all.

HOWEVER, I also just learned not too long ago that Rampage is a CHANNELED skill, meaning you need to HOLD the key to use the skill under normal circumstances.
I’m assuming the game servers are having a bit of trouble with that part, because as soon as I started holding my Rampage key instead of just pressing it, I had no issues whatsoever. The desyncs were gone, and I was no longer rubber banding and teleporting like crazy. I was even able to stop my Rampage every time I released the key.

If you just press your key like any other skill, it seems like the servers can’t process that you already let go of that key just after you pressed it (Seems that way? I’m not sure), meaning that the servers keep you in that rampaging state (Hence why Rampage can’t be canceled by anything other than another skill). Again, those are assumptions based on what the skill feels like when I use it. I have no idea if it does the same offline. If it does, then the cause is probably something completely different.

I don’t know if any of you already knew that, but in my case, it pretty much fixed all of the issues I had before. So for anyone having issues with Rampage being literally unusable, try holding your key to see if it fixes things. But yeah… needless to say, the issues that arise when you use Rampage like a non-channeled skill still need to be addressed, cuz it’s pretty bad if, like my past self, you don’t know that Rampage is a channeled skill…


You are my savior

I had no clue it was channeled either. I was really having a hard time with it just clicking it. Now that I know this, all that frustration is gone. Thank you!

Rampage is a really badly made skill and they really need to rework it. Personally I’d suggest making it a quick charge to the cursor location or a leap.

I wish this was working for me but I’m still having plenty of desync issues even while holding down the button for the skill. To be fair, I am using it with the Unending Storm perk that gives Rampage no cooldown. I try to use it to change directions constantly by letting go of Rampage, then holding it again. This causes some wonky desyncs that teleport me all over the place. Regardless of if it’s channeled or not, they really need to fix the underlying issue. Even holding it down for the first time can cause issues if I snag something just barely. My character will run in place then suddenly fly toward the target a second later. Pretty much what everyone else here has been talking about has been happening to me regardless of holding the button down or not.

What is happening to me is I start the skill, two possible bugs happen half the time:

  1. the skill goes on cooldown without the actual animation.
  2. the animation happens and I get rubberbanded back to the starting point.

If I get a movement buff, the rubberbanding will happen almost 100% of the time.
My ms is 56, stable 1GB connection…

Can confirm that this works.

I’m also having this issue with Rampage, just clicking it can even make me run for a great distance, but it seems to randomly desync and/or rubberband me. Casting Maul out of it also seems to almost always rubberband me even worse.

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This skill sucks to use do to all the listed above

Killed my HC druid due to being stuck in rampage animation during boss fight.

Holding key makes in better, but it on the maps with with elevation animation gets stuck and character is not moving and lighting doesn’t trigger. And there are quite a few of elevated maps, won’t recommend anybody to start on the lightning druid until this bug is fixed.

About 50% of the time I enter a new map area and the skill will try to run in place instead actually moving when it was working in the previous area.

Only way to fix seems to be to exit to desktop and restart.

Even when it works, there are a number of issues:

  1. Anything steep seems to disrupt it especially stairs.
  2. Well I guess intended, it always interrupts when you brush against a wall. It really needs to be much more forgiving and slide against the wall or obstruction given it long cool down.
  3. Overall just seems rather lacking compared to other similar charge type skill’s I’ve come across in similar games making it basically just a very awkward to use movement skill. Needs a rethink.

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