Questions about CoF prophecies

So at the moment I have a prophecy with the event “5 Deaths of Siege Golem.”

  • Is this tracked anywhere/is it working properly? I’ve killed a few Siege Golem now but haven’t seen any change.

  • Does it matter where I do it for the reward? Like if I go to some low level campaign area is it going to give me lower level loot rewards?

  • Anything else I might be missing?

My question is how did you manage to get a prophecy in the first place I joind CoF and bought 2 lenses but no matter which telescope I look at it doesn’t give me a prophecy to choose. Also I did click the re-roll option but nothing changed. Could be bugged with something I did.

Edit: I re-logged my game and prophecies are working now.

I had the same problem. I re-logged and it showed me the prophecies. Also as an update I grabbed some other prophecies and completed those fine. Will see if the Siege Golem one ever procs.

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You don’t need to buy lenses to get prophecies. The lenses modify the prophecies you are offered. Click on the stars in the constellation, not on the reroll buttons.
Maybe you spent all your favor on lenses, so didn’t have any left over to get a prophesy.

I am having the same issue with void horror prophecy

I am having the same issue with Exiled Mages, Need to kil four but only registered as killing one despite killing lots more than 4 in echos

any info on this? I just killed a lot of horror voids but I didn’t get any progress toward the prophecy :confused:

I just did one with void horros and it worked, do you have a condition on where to kill them? Mine said Monoliths and it worked.

I have same issue. So either it’s bugged or the counter is resetting each time you enter mono.

Apaprently prophecies don’t count scripted events (like the void horrors that spawn from beacons). You have to kill them naturally in the map. Might this be your issue?

I have the same issue. I kill several of them in echoes. Then i saw DJSamhein reply and found on off wiki that they can spawn on 3 locations:

So i went to Etendell and kill 2 of them but it didn’t count prophecy quest.

P. S. Prophecy system looks pretty good. But if devs want to force us to travel low lvl locations for hunting something i think it’s bad design and time waste. So i hope it’s just a bug and quests like this can be done in echoes.

yeah, probably. done it today by killing them naturally in echo. it seems that there are few bugs around prophecy fullfilement.

I just completed in echo after relog. Seems like counter didn’t display progress but prophecy work correct.

I have completed it by finding the mobs on the map. It seems that the ones that appear from the beacon monoliths don’t count.

When its 5 Death of Siege Golem it will only update after you kill 5. Etendell there is one right north of the TP. Port in. Kill. Port out and back in. Did it in 5 min and got the prophecy.

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I’m having a different issue - I picked up 5 prophecies yesterday and when I went to double check where I needed to go for them, all but 1 of them (the 4th one I picked up) had completely different rewards from what they originally had. Is this a bug, or something I am doing incorrectly?

Same with me just now.

The whole COF needs a good passover, it is incredibly buggy with incorrect notifications about a unique item dropping, prophecies not being updated, and the feature overall just isn’t working as intended.

Any confirmation on these by the Devs?

Is any bug?