Questions about CoF prophecies

Yes, if devs confirmed there was bug on the CoF prophecys not being counted.
I got a prophecy that has no conditions, just kill 3 exiled mages, some will count and some wont.
Atm im 2 out of 3 fulfilled alltough i allready killed like +10.

Well I dont think they have confirmed a single bug yet but I do keep posting bug reports

I figured out what was happening with the exiled mages prophecys not counting.
For progress purpose it will only count 1 exiled mage per monolith not echo, so if you kill 10 mages in the echos but in the same monolith it will only count as 1 cause the prophecy’s objectives are based in the monolith not in the echo.
They should reflect that on the prophecy objective text tho.
Hope this helps the community having some answers, at least for the exiled mages part but i assume it will also be the case for many others.
Hoping as well they will increase the font letters when the prophecy is completed or progressed so we can better see that we finished/progressed a prophecy or not.

Yeah these simple QOL additions are crucial because I didn’t know that and I bet a lot of people don’t.

It’s fun to discover things but situations like the above where it has the player question if its a bug, and thus leading to bug reports, should probably be addressed to make it more clear.

I have managed to complete the prophecy by killing 5 times the golem in Etendell. The prophecy is bugged as you do not see the counter displayed decreasing but a count is happening in the backend. So just kill the golem 5 times and you will get the rewards.

Does it matter where I do it for the reward? Like if I go to some low level campaign area is it going to give me lower level loot rewards?

I want to know this too.
Is it considered as area level 100? :thinking:
Like RoA?