Question regarding loot filter details

Is there a way to say “at least two/three of these affixes are required for an item to show”?

Currently it’s not.

If you are searching for a particular combination of affixes on gear, you need to go the opposite route and hide affixes you don’t want on your gear.

But this isn’t working well, because it would also filter out items that have 3/4 of the stats you want when 1/4 is an affix you hide.

This could be solved by adding “and” and “or” checkboxes to the rules. This may be complicated to implement, but I really hope this will come in the future. Setting up rules to chase for certain affix combinations would be awesome!

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I did post a few suggestions, including the one you made here on the forum already, saidly the thread jsut was closed yesterday >.>

But just in case you want to check it out.

Mox acknowledges the demands/requests for similar features in my thread and i am sure sooner or later we will get additional functions for the loot filter.

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