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Question on Rendering?

Will there be any plans to deploy a Vulkan Rendering option in game settings for players that prefer smoother gameplay with their rigs versus using DirectX? I ask because when I played PoE before they introduced their rendering option, many people would complain about frame drops, lag, freeze on their gaming systems, and after the option in settings was launched, many people (myself included) experienced a HUGE performance boost in their game.

LE uses Unity 2019.4 LTS which does support Vulkan but to what level I am not sure. There isnt much info on Vulkan support provided by Unity beyond saying that its supported in the manual. There are specific pages on DirectX, OpenGL and Metal, but nothing on Vulkan that I could find.

A lot of people have reported worse performance / no joy trying to force Vulkan in the standalone player via command line arguments. The defaults of DirectX (win) and OpenGL (linux) seem to have the best choices right now.

You could try it if you want:

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Interesting and thanks for the reply and info. I will have to do some reading up on this before I start changing anything up in my system.

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