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Question on manifest armor

Exactly the otherway around like my FG build :smiley:

I am using Smelters Wrath for literally 1-shotting everything and forged strike as Anvil for AoE^^

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Okay like what. These two spells are really nice I think, you can do whatever you want with them.

But in the end I think the two builds will look a lot like this and have a pretty similar gameplay.

Nah, i don’t think so.

Using Smelters Wrath as a baseline cone and main dmg skill is very different from only using it for trash as a nova…

You need to think thrice about your positioning.

And if you miss Smelters Wrath, that’s a huuuuge thing.

Especially because i play with fully buffed up Smelters Wrath through Shield Bash and Fresh From the Forge passive (i can’t mindlessly spamm smelters wrath)

Whatever after your build might be better, because you don’t have to go critical, as Smelter’s Wrath can 100% crit even with 0% critical chance. So it is an investment finally put elsewhere.

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After that I will still try it my way. As to specify I do not think that this is a necessarily very powerful build, but it was very fun.

After your version is probably stronger but involves more “risk” because indeed you miss your combo it is a bit of misery. While I miss forge strike, I just have to redo one. So can be a little less powerful but more permissive.

Good after for the moment I’m making plans in the wind, I have neither the mass nor the armor so … We will talk about strategy in 5 years lol.

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That’s the most important part of playing video games… having fun… discover things you like.

There are so many builds that are objectively very strong, but i simply don’t like them for one reason or another.

Creating and fine tuning his own build is the most statisfying and rewarding part of any aRPG for me.

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So overall I share this opinion very clearly. Now I also think that at the moment in LE there is a slight boring thing. Fun builds are often unique, item, or ultra late game builds.

And to be able to get these items, you need very strong construction capable of farming 100 easily. Today I have never been successful, so I don’t have to try. But I mean doing fun builds is good, but for a moment you have no choice but to do an efficient build even if it is boring to be able to farm these objects.

This is what I reproach boardman 21 on one of these constructions, they are all good, but none is intended to be started from 0, there are always unique or ultra rare idols in the builds that make the build strong without its just ok.

And today despite all my “house” builds I never reached a level high enough to be able to collect these famous objects, so the fun is good, when you can play them and enjoy them. I would love to test the automatic earthquake build with mass. Well it’s level 100 otherwise you can’t, a build where you move all the time you need the torso which reduces damage by 40% when moving lvl 100 too. It is always the same so before its it is necessary once to make a build efficiency farmer these ext objects. But for the moment I have never found a construction efficient enough for its starting from 0 without broken idol, without single broken or other.

That’s why he’s also creating leveling guides from 1 to 75. After that you can transition to on of his other builds.

But that’s the same in most or almost all games: you need a low level build to get mid level stuff, then you need a mid level build to get high level stuff. Last Epoch is exactly like many other games for this.

And you can also have fun at low levels. I have some heroes that won’t go higher than timeline 65 because they are not built efficiently, but as the build is fun they will stay low and stay fun. We’re not forced to play high level with all heroes.

Yes, I know, I’ve seen it, and it’s better now he does 1-75 depending on the build we want to play, so it’s more consistent, we haven’t re-specialized everything. Before, it was good, did you build it then change everything once lvl X … I said to myself, no, it doesn’t interest me.

Well then I will always get the excuse of it’s like its always … As if its justify.

But I find it a shame that in some build, you have to wait until you have such an object or X level to start playing it.
I would appreciate being able to play it from the start, in a less powerful version at your level of course. But that you don’t have to tell yourself to try such a thing I have to go up to a person level X to have X object to just see if I like it or not. It would be nice to have unique version for any level, with different stats. Or even better a single without restriction of level, but with statistics adaptive to your level of character. As a hammer does it besides it seems to me I find the concept good, and should be able to apply to a majority of unique.

Next I remove from this list some unique impossible to balance. (I’m thinking of the famous hammer that causes earthquake. You can’t adapt that, unless the passive unlocks it at lvl X)

That’s not what I meant. It explains, it does not justify. “we always did this way” is one of the worst sentence you can hear at work, for example.

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I would very strongly disagree with this.

Of course there are always very good builds andsynergies that you can already choose early on, to have a nice leveling build.

But generally i would say you can play any build in LE from the get-go, except it requires build enabling items.

True, but that’s not what I was saying.
I’m sure you don’t mean that at level 5 your build is fully suitable for endgame. And that’s what I meant. Your build at level 5 is what will help you get more stuff and create your level 30 build, which is what will enable you to create your level 50 build and so on.
Of course your endgame build is something you can start from level 1, but it will not be the same. I recently leveled a Sorcerer with Meteor in mind, I first spec’ed in Fireball then in Elemental Nova and at the end I added Meteor. You have to find something that will drive you to your real build.
And of course, if you respec a hero, I fully agree with you.

Personally, it is this obligation to have to go through attacks that you do not necessarily want which is a shame.

But in LE (like many games) everything unlocks at certain times.

You want to play a build around judgment (example) you are clearly not going to start playing it before level 40 or more. Before it’s you fill in the holes.

I would have liked once again more imagination and tried new things, but hey like in everything today we are happy with what works we no longer really try to innovate. LE like many other games remains in this line, we take what works elsewhere we copy paste, and that’s fine. So its a good game with a solid base, but a bit of a clone.

I would have found it nice not to restrain the players, its going to join a bit of another subject but a lot of players do not necessarily always find the leveling phase fun and for me it is also gone. I will have to wait until sometimes level 40 or more to start seeing what I wanted to do.

I’m a fan of the all-open entry system, but it will improve with your level, whether it’s spells or items. As its you are not stronger but just you can quickly start to test things, and the leveling phase would be less boring because it really allows you to take your build into your own hands. Today you do nothing you go straight to already start to get your spells and your objects sometimes very high level (70 see 85) and only then you start to play what you want.

So yes as always its works like its since the dawn of time blah blah. But it is precisely time to change and do something new.

(Ps: this message is not addressed to anyone in particular, this answer is used by 95% of the forum, not just someone. So don’t worry about shtrak or heavy you are absolutely not targeting) (I specify because often we think that I am targeting a particular person it is often wrong, there is a general tendency on the forum that it is not 1 or 2 users who are the cause but a generality.

ARPG players are what there is more concervator in the world, changing something in their world is often worthy of satan ^^) The proof we release a diablo 2 everyone jumps on it as if it were the revolution.

Then what solution would you propose? That could be interesting.

Yes indeed, that gave rise to a pationant conversation.

I think what it could be cool then would be to open access to all spells at level 1 and the unique ones too.

And find a solution for a scaling according to your levels.
Its reminds me of the unique hammer that gains stats at each of your levels. It would be nice if this were the case for each unique.

Basically the developer creates the max level object with the stats he wants ext, and then he just adapts the item to have a linear and interesting progression without making the thing too powerful.
For the spells, the system is very good (with the levels of the spell) The concern is the late obtaining of some. Now I admit having more difficulty in finding a system that does not distort the game. Because opting out via tree points is something important in the game, it forces a paladin to make choices and avoid it. of using erasing strike for example.

After that I think that it would be enough to unlock all the spells of the chosen masteries, but that for the other spells of other specialization keep a fairly similar system. It is not easy for them.

Unsure this would work, but it sounds interesting. I would not personaly agree with that, but it sounds interesting though.

Both for skills and uniques items: This is about the most boring progression system i have ever heard about.

I personally would not want anything remotely close to that, at all.

Having specific skills/uniques or skill ndoes have some sort of level scaling is cool, but it should stay relatively unique.

Giving the player access to all or almost all skill from the get-go removes any “progression spikes” and goals to work towards.

Yes, but I don’t think reaching level X or Y to unlock a spell or start playing is any better, either. A goal to achieve is a power pick, a boss X to beat in my opinion, more than cool I will finally be able to play the spell I want from the start. After that is only my opinion, but that’s more what bothers me than an object that scales.

After I know do you have any other idea or proposal to make?

I am more than happy with the current progression system in LE.

It’s the best progression system of any game that is somehow similar.
The only gripes i have would affect different sujects.

Well, that’s what I said, no more concervative than an ARPG player. I don’t know how you do it.

Example of a game that I loved when I was younger that I wouldn’t play anymore, well not for the moment. The Age of Empire, the first was really cool. Now there is a trailer of the 4 … It’s the 1 remastered 75 times … It’s rubbish 0 new in 20 years and yet everyone is going to buy it. It’s the same for the ARPG, POE, Diablo 1, 2, 10 in short, they are the same, LE is just one more clone which has charm but does not invent anything, does not improve much, I find that his lack of ambition. If I had to create a video game, I wouldn’t revolutionize the whole genre either, but I would try to do things that change the novelty that hits you, that the game is remembered for what made it not just be a good game but which has nothing more or less than another.