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Question on manifest armor

Hi everyone, I’m trying to understand this spell so as not to do bullshit, I looked before if there was no other post on this subject, I haven’t seen anything that answers my questions.

Let’s start with the basics:
Manifests an animated set of heavy armor, which attacks slowly. Stats granted by your body armor, helmet, gloves and boots also apply to your Manifest Armor.

So if I understand correctly, the armor will have the same statistics as me on: Helmet, chest, boot and glove.
So if I have movement speed on my boots, so does the armor? ditto for all other statistics, attack speed, chance to burn?

Then the liabilities. Iron Grasp, Steel Greaves, Great Helm and Platemail.
Manifested Armor gains increased effect of stats from your body armor. (platemail)
The same goes for the others.

If I understand correctly, this improves your statistics on the parts cited.

This raises several questions:

  1. which statistic, implicit, or affix?

  2. If 1 the answer is affix, are there any exceptions? (question of balance)

  3. does it work on unique coins and if so, what statistic does it work?

Sunforged Cuirass For example.
+350 Armor
+(15-35)% Critical Strike Avoidance

+(400-500) Armor
+(40-50)% Fire Resistance

+(8-12)% Chance to forge a weapon when hit.
2 second cooldown. These are affected by your Forge Strike’s skill tree.

+(100-140)% Increased fire damage with at least 3 Forged Weapons.
Forged Weapons can be summoned with Forge Strike.

If it works for the unique ones which statistic are improving? The armor can be? When is the% of both liabilities?

  1. These improved statistics are also transmitted to the armor itself which benefits from the statistics of our piece of armor ?

Thank you for all these questions, but they are important if we want to fully understand the fate. And use it at best.

I find his complete crack as a liability.
Because if I understand correctly, let’s take an example of the attack speed on gloves.

We will say 12% in T5 (which is the minimum)
If I place 4 points in the passive which improves my gloves it gives 75x4 = 300%

So 12x300 / 100 = 36
36+12 = 48%

It means that my gloves give me 48% attack speed … This is the best spell in the game this thing, or the translation is wobbly but hey …

I actually think this is a messed up translation.
When I translate the passive in my language it is written like that.

“Manifest armor increases your armor stats”

While I think it’s more of something like “Improve your gear stats for manifest armor” Which seems more to me (logical and balanced) These passive only improve stats received for manifest armor. And don’t improve item stats (for me)

@Cujo Your people need you.

Thanks, but I think I’ll delete the post.
I realize that I have answered my questions alone by the absurdity of the calculations.

This spell would be the strongest spell in the game and of all time, if it would upgrade my armor pieces for free. It wouldn’t make sense.

So this improves the statistics received for the armor manisf, and it seems obvious to me after calculating, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

I said its but I don’t even know if I can delete a topic.

Sorry for the topic, the pleasures of the crappy translation.

@Amicimun001 Haha, ill be right there :rofl:

EDIT : oh didnt see you wanted this topic deleted, was eating while writing this heh

Ill try answer to the best of what i know of it :



It works on all the “normal” stats, implicits, and affixes. However there are some affixes it wont benefit from such as the “xx damage if wielding a sword/blunt weapon”, and there may be others tho im not sure.
(It does work on the %melee damage part of skill levels added to armor/helm, and also bleed/ignite/duration/shred effects etc)

Thats really hard to answer, because some uniques it will benefit from all the mods, and some it wont.
For example “sulorons step boots” it will benefit from the critical strike multiplier, but for boots like “eterras path” it doesnt benefit from the chance to cast vines/roots. If i were to throw a guess its all mods that have a %chance to proc something that it doesnt benefit from, but havent tested it enough to be sure.

It will benefit from the armor/CA/fire res, but not the chance to forge weapons/inc fire damage with forged weapons.
(also to note about this armor, it will gain (up to) 50 added flat damage (+the 35 from implicit) from the armor affix if you have taken the node “force of impact” that makes it gain 1 damage per 10 armor on chest.)


No, it will only be the Manifest that gains 48% speed.

Hope this helped a bit

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Yes I immediately saw the nice synergy. I am thinking of taking this from him. And I used the armor as my tank. So thought to take his, the taunt (and defense in general) and also use it to burn enemies with the breath.

And I would use 2 pieces of the armor set, and the 2H mace

Sunforged Hammer

+104 Melee Physical Damage
(10-90)% Increased Melee Stun Chance

Increased Stun Duration

  • (10-14) Melee Physical Damage
  • (10-14) Melee Fire Damage
  • (20-30)% Critical strike multiply with physical or fire melee attacks
    (40-70)% More damage to ignited enemies with Forge Strike and Smelter’s Wrath

And so I beat up with Forge Strike and Smelter’s Wrath on the armor-burned enemies.

I’m not sure it will give anything nice but good for the moment it’s only theory

Thank you anyway for your answers. After if I can ask a supplementary question.

Sunforged Hammer is strong but I mainly think for this passive:
(40-70)% More damage to ignited enemies with Forge Strike and Smelter’s Wrath

But I wonder what really squeezed the impact. What if it wouldn’t be stronger to have a Terror Mace With much more flat damage and melee critical chance

Np, I havent played a whole lot with forge strike as a damage skill (only for minions), and neither with smelters wrath, but in general id say a rare is better than the sunforged hammer.
It will all depend on if you want the manifest to only be a tank or part of the damage, and also whether you wanna just hit slow/hard for max damage or faster for some life sustain with rive/vengeance etc.
Personally i like to go for attack speed and flat damage for prefix, and either armor shred/stun chance/less damage taken on crit/chance to chill as suffix, but it all depends on other gear and build.

In short, I wanted to make the armor a pure tank.
Use Smelter’s Wrath as a trash killer, along with the nova.
Forge Strike as boss killer, taking the passive of the spear for max critical damage and critical chance, taking the passive of 20% damage on elite and bosses. And of course decrease the mana hit to be able to use it often. But not on the idea. I am afraid that forge strike will be powerful but very slow and ultimately not very efficient

And I don’t want to use rive or vengeance which I already use a lot in VK.
But hey it is true that they are a bit the only really usable to type quickly and hard.

I cant give you much advice there, as i dont have enough experience with a forge strike hit build (tried it a few times, but it didnt really work well).
Imo forge guard works best when you let the manifest be a part of the damage (i only used it for tank/taunt when i made a throw/ailment build), but im sure someone else have made it work and can give you better advice.

Then why not a minion build. With a lot of sword, dealt a lot of damage to the armor, and made us the tank.

Yea that works :

Nice, thank you indeed its works pretty well I would say. Afterwards I’m a little afraid of being bored lol. But hey it works and it’s cool.

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As Cujo showed, you should use the Armor as a DPS. When set up properly with the right gear, it is a real monster. And you use Forge Strike to summon swords that will also fight and protect you.

I have played very successful Smelters Wrath and Forged Strike Build and I can savely say Sunforged Hammer is Bis for both if you use them as main dmg skill.

Having a more multiplier on an Item is Big. If the Sunforged Hammer is very badly rolled a perfect rare kraken beak or terror mce might be equally, but with a good rolled one it’s superior.

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I have wondered if the stat “bleed chance for minions” if taken by the Manifest Armor if it would stack on itself. So if you had +40% bleed chance for minions on your armor, would the manifest armor get +80% or is that a stat that can’t be transferred? I’m basically wondering what would happen with bleed chance if you were wearing a Doublet of Onos Tull. “Minions have +40% Chance to Bleed on Hit”

No, the Manifest Armour wouldn’t benefit from minion affixes on “it’s” armour, but if the Manifest Armour spawned any minions, they would benefit from the minion affixes on it’s armour. The Manifest Armour would only benefit from the minion affixes on your armour.

So if you had 40% chance for minion bleed, the Manifest Armour would get 40% chance (because the Armour is your minion), but if it spawned any minions then they would get 80% (because they are the Armour’s minions).

If you had 40% chance to bleed on your armour then the Manifest Armour would get 80% (from “it’s” version of the armour).

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Okay thank you for the clarification. I will still try the build I have in mind even if honestly I don’t think it will be top build. But I really want to try playing a fire guard forge. By spanking a forge strike an attack with little area but a lot of damage and crit and flat fire damage. As an idol, I take fire penetrating idols. I’m looking for a burn enemy to benefit from the damage boost on burning enemies and% of the mass.

It should have given quite massive damage, now the attack speed scares me.

But then I can be letting the armor play a more offensive role, after all in FG even if I am damage oriented I should stay pretty solid all the same.

Forged Strike has excellent singletarget capabilities, especially with crit.

  • 9% base crit and 145% Crit Multi for just a few points is big already.
  • Global Flat Phy
  • Flat Fire damage
  • Mana Efficiency
  • More hit dmg vs bosses
  • 25% more global fire dmg

Use a mana Efficiency amulet and a inscribed tablet relic for great mana sustain.

Well that’s exactly what I thought I was doing.

Take flat damage nodes + 20% damage on bosses, critical nodes, then mana efficiency. I’m losing area, but I don’t care, I’m looking to do a targeted damage spell, not a trash killer. For his I would use Smelter’s Wrath with the nova.