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Question about the prefix for the chance Spark Charge

Question about the prefix for the chance Spark Charge.
For example, I have an idol for 15% to the chance of Spark, whether it gives this chance to all melee skills or only to those that already have this chance ?

For example, I have Storm Blade taken with a 25% chance, how will it be calculated? Will it be equal to 40% or separately 25% and 15%?

A skill does not need to have any base spark charge chance to get this effect.

All Spark Charge chances are additive and get summed up.
If you have over 100% you will apply 1 charge and %chance for a second.
It basically behaves like an ailment in that sense.

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Because it applies an ailment that triggers the Spark Charge spell/explosion after 1s.

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I know…

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And please tell me more on this issue.
Crackling Aura skill that converts Fire Aura into lightning.
It gives a global increase in lightning damage, is this% static and does not increase from the number of auras?
By the way, it is not counted in the DPS statistics, does it work?

Correct, if it were per fire aura it would say so (like the % void damage bonus on the Dark Shroud of Cinders).