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Question about Monster Stats scaled by level

I’m sure they scaled by level(area or thier own what ever).
What I wondering is how they scales.
For example, Players skill, It has base dmg and scaled by modifiers like + add dmg, increased dmg and etc.
I believe monsters have base dmg too. but how they scales? They got modifier like + add flat dmg too? or just increased dmg from their base dmg?
I found there is increased modifier(except crit)only on monolith modes.
So, If monsters scaled by flat dmg already, +100 increased dmg is HUGE, It’s like 2x dmg. but if monsters just scaled by increased dmg, its not that big deal compared first one, like players.
I think it’s important for getting strategy for farming.

We don’t know, the devs haven’t said how mob stats scale with area level. The only thing that we know is that they get a % damage reduction based on area level that goes up to ~90% at lvl 100 while this is functionally equivalent to resistance it’s not resistance as it can’t be penetrated or mitigated by the player in any way.

Additionally, mobs don’t get armour/resistance though certain mobs do get certain resists, they will have a line underneath their health bar when you hover over them stating which resist they have, and no, we don’t know how much. Mobs can get all res as a monolith modifier.

To add to Llama8s comments about the devs not giving us the details of scaling, you can look here Bestiary for details on individual monsters base levels, skills and other info that is actually available from the game files…

Its not what you are looking for specifically and I doubt its entirely useful for 99% of players but it does give you more info if you wanted it…