Question about damage as displayed on character sheet

I’m a bit confused on how some info is presented on the character sheet. Some damage is listed one way while other damage is listed in a different way. For instance:

Bleed, poison, ignite etc… is found under the “other stats” tab and each damage type is listed like this:
Bleed chance: 25%
Bleed damage: 137

However, other damage like physical, lightning, void etc… is found under the “damage stats” tab and each damage type is listed like this:
Increased void damage: 79%

The first example is straight forward enough. You have a 25% chance to cause a bleed effect that does 137 damage. However, the second example I don’t understand. It doesn’t list a damage amount and it doesn’t say 79% chance to do void damage so I don’t get what this is saying. If it’s increasing my void damage by 79%…what is it increasing it 79% from? What is the starting value? Can anyone explain this?

I can understand why this is confusing.

The increased damage percentages affect all abilities that do that type of damage. If you have a 79% increase to void damage, it does nothing unless you are already doing void damage. If you are, for example, using a weapon with + 10 to void damage, then the 79% would apply to that, making your attack do 17.9 void damage (in addition to whatever other damage the attack is doing).

Abilities that deal void damage will also have base damages, and other flat sources of damage are often added to them from their skill tree, the passive tree, or stats on equipment like ‘adaptive spell damage.’ Once all flat sources of damage are added together, the increased % will multiply that damage.

Bleed can be displayed more clearly because it is its own damage source. If you gain % increased physical damage, it will increase your bleed damage directly on the character sheet, but other types of damage (aside from poison and ignite) are not displayed on the character sheet.

The best option you’ll typically have is checking the ‘damage per second’ that pops up when you hover over an ability. You’ll see it change as you add or remove sources of % increased damage. The basic attack DPS is displayed in the bottom right of the character sheet, but it’s pretty meaningless as you’re unlikely to be using basic attacks beyond the first few levels.

It would be nice if there was a way to see more detailed/precise damage information, but I don’t know of any other ARPGs that do it particularly well. The Last Epoch team has been working hard to improve the information provided (the DPS numbers are a relatively new addition), so I’m sure it’ll be a little clearer eventually.

I hope this was helpful, let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the reply. I sort of assumed it was something like this. I mean I would have assumed there would be another stat displayed that shows your accumulated damage of that type from gear/skills so that it would be more clear what that 79% is applying to. Seems rather tedious to try and manually go through every skill/passive/weapon and try to add it all up. Hope they add a bit more stat detail for this. I assume this data would have to be known for it to calculate the damage under the hood so why not display it on the character screen?

Yeah, absolutely. And that what the DPS tooltip does. It displays the outcome with everything taken into account (including stuff like attack speed and crit chance).

The character sheet often is just for fluff, because the stats are just shown, but the interaction is missing. With all that stuff that skilltrees and passive stats add, a plain number of how much increased void damage you have, doesn’t add that much value.

For example as a void Knight you might do more damage with erasing strike with a weapon that has no increased void damage, but increased crit chance and attack speed. You can figure that out for that one skill with tooltip DPS. But what about, let’s say, Devouring Orbs? This skill is not affected by attack speed so maybe it deals less DPS than before.

One thing we learned is that tooltip DPS isn’t always exactly correct. You can’t compare 2 skills with each other even if it’s on the same character. In the above example you could just add DO DPS to ES DPS and compare the sum of both with both of the weapon choices. But I doubt that this will work that accurately.

The tooltip DPS is a very nice addition but only works as an indicator for one single skill. It’s very complicated. You’d assume that the game should know how much damage you do and just needs to display that value. But it seems that this is more complicated than we think it is :grin:.

And therefore we suggested a Dummy DPS recorder (since the Dummy was inplemented).

Also I agree with you on the different sources of increased values.

A long time ago I suggested adding stuff like

  • Increased Void Damage: 50%
    • Chest: 30%
    • Gloves: 15%
    • Weapon: 5%

Dammitts Planner does exactly this. So you could upload your data und see that information. This is a bit tedious to just get to that statistical info, so it should be added ingame.

There was a sneak preview of the new character sheet they are working on on the last dev stream (just the layout). I’m curious what they put in there. :blush:

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Except Dammitt’s planner is only doing that for the stats from gear, he’s not got it working for the passives or skills yet.

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Yeah I totally get what you are saying. I’m sure just adding the cumulated damage type would not convey all the complex interactions. But it would still be helpful to know base numbers of things.

For instance, as a void knight there are skills/passives that affect void damage specifically so it would be valuable to know as you are leveling how this number grows and how it affects overall damage. You could potentially determine a point of diminishing returns where it might make sense to use affixes of another damage type or some other stat rather than just more and more void damage.

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Not really, since all the % increased damage modifiers are added together (by element) then applied, you wouldn’t be able to “get around” diminishing returns on % increased damage by just picking a different applicable modifier (and by that I mean if you had a fire spell, all % increased fire damage & % increased spell damage are added together then applied, so you won’t see any benefit by swapping from fire damage to spell damage for that specific skill).

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Yet not hard enough to add a total damage per second figure to the training dummy? :confused:

They have other priorities.

So why was it mentioned they were working hard to improve the information provided?

Because they’re doing this
and this
and this
and this
and this

In addition to updating the monolith, adding a new boss with 30 new skills, several new player skills & I have no doubt a metric ####ton of other stuff that they’ve not told us about. That’s why 0.8.2 was pushed back till May from early April. There’s going to be lots of stuff in it.


It’s just my opinion. I’ve only recently started playing Last Epoch but I got really deep into reading old patch notes the other day and it’s impressive to see how far they’ve come.

EDIT: Also, all that amazing stuff LLAMA8 just posted. Holy crap! :heart_eyes:

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And I guarantee you there’s more stuff they’ve not told us. This patch is going to be big. Mr Creosote big!

I think the biggest problem is that it would become too much information for people.

For example, if every damage number would be put in the character sheet would become about 200 pages. for example:

  • Base attack: 10
  • Critical hit: 35
  • Devouring orb: 200
  • Smite: 165
  • Poking the bear: 3
  • Leap: 75
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
  • Next spell: xx
    and so on, for every single spell available to you, every spells critical damage. Should they put in how much damage would be done if the hit is a glancing blow too? And the damage if the enemy has “Resists Physical damage”?

The ammount of information would take up too much space.

Just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

It wouldn’t be that bad as there would be limit to the procs & stats that a single skill can have. Given the mockup they’ve showed us before they’re likely to have one tab per skill.

I take that to mean that the light grey pop-out has 5 skill icons which you click on to show all of the data for that skill.

I still think it would become too much.

They would have to have a seperate line for each level of enemies up to lvl 75 since they have different resistances.

Mobs don’t have resists/armour unless specified, but that doesn’t change the stats of the skill in any event. This is about giving the player the data for the skill going into the damage calculation not about how much damage the mobs take which would depend on a lot more than just the skill’s stats. How much resist/armour shred does the mob have on it? Is it buffed by a “nearby enemies take less damage” effect? Is the player “near” or “distant” for the purposes of “takes less damage from distant enemies” or “blocks attacks from distant enemies”?

All of that has no impact on the skill data.

Edit: That said, different people will want different levels of information. You may not want to know too much but I’ll probably want to know every little detail/number.

Maybe I’m not thinking of this in the right way but I guess what I mean is something like this as an example…

If I have the following:
80% increased void damage
10% increased fire damage
25 total void damage
150 total fire damage

If I could see something like that I would know that something is not right with my gear/skills/passives. I have a lot more increased void damage potential but a low base void damage value.

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