Question about arrow gaurd

I’m trying to farm LP for arrow gaurd and so far it’s super hard to even find one in empowered. I know its a common drop but it seems super hard. Should I go back to normal and hope it drops or stick with empowered. My corruption is at 150 atm.

If you can run empowered why should you ever go back? Arrow Guard with LP start to drop randomly everywhere with lvl 40+ iirc.

On top of it here you have a Database Arrowguard - Unique Heavy Quiver - Quiver - Last Epoch Item Database . In this Database you find all items and where you can target farm them if possible.

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I haven’t had trouble finding Arrowguard with LP, although all 5 of mine only have 1LP. I have however has trouble finding Death Rattle with LP and it’s a common drop also.

RNG is a big punk that just doesn’t want to give you the one thing you are looking for. :rofl:

and after you farmed for that one choice item for weeks of game time and decided to give up, the bastard will make it drop randomnly a few times while you are messing with something else.

Swift boot up the proverbial for that RNGod bugger.

While Arrow Guard still is a very reasonable item to get with LP, i think its worth noting that it was a lot easier to get it with LP pre0.9, because EHG lowered the LP chance for it.

Because if you’re under the level of other things spawning, you reduce the possible drop outcomes by a lot?

EDIT: No idea why it says I was replying to Heavy, I obviously wasn’t.

It’s rng and maybe the devs could tell but I think they won’t. In theory you are right but in realty I never found a high LP item in the lower level ranges where the items starts to get LP.

Yeah, I have no idea if it works that way or not, I’m just guessing that’s why he thinks going back to lower levels might help.

I don’t know :smiley: . I’m the most unlucky pleb so you ask the wrong person :slight_smile: .

The quantity of legendary potential that a unique item drops with is only influenced by the level of the zone which it drops in.

From: Legendary Items - Last Epoch Game Guide