Quality of Player Models and Animations

Whenever I launch LE, it’s always the slightly mediocre player models and animations that turn me off from even getting into the game. I guess I have been spoiled by PoE, but I simply can’t help it. Is there any plans for overhauling this aspect of the game?

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Regarding Player Models, I wouldn’t expect any complete overhaul in the near future, since all 4 older classes relatively recently already received major overhauls (rogue didn’t, because she is pretty new already). Those overhauls also included some 3d armour changes, but there are definitely more to come in that aspect at least (they already teasred a couple new mage armours.

Here are a couple of armour teaseres:

Regarding animations and general combat feeling, there is alot coming in the next update for general combat feeling and responsiveness.
But I am very certai nwe also can expect a couple of dedicated animation overhauls for specific abilities in the future as well.

Overall EHG always said, they want to keep all areas of the game as modern as possible, so there will always be things feeling “outdated” that they want to revisit.

Regarding the models, is it specifically while wearing MTX that you feel like PoE is so good? I’ve personally always felt like the PoE models weren’t very good and they moved in a rigid and unnatural way. But if MTX is the big difference, then this problem may resolve itself when MTX is added to LE.


The main issue I have with one of the models is the stopping stutter that the rogue does as she stops, tries to start again then stops, and then stays still. That animation/delay is just horrible on the eyes and no one would physically do that type of exaggerated movement.

Could you specify when this happens? Do you mean when you’re kiting and attacking at the same time? If so, is this similar to having ridiculous attack speed in PoE and seeing the animation just get silly because nobody can move like that?

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Its more of the kiting and setting up the attack sequence for bursting down big packs of mobs, when it happens or I notice it the most is when I kite, then prepare to stop to drop smoke bomb, move just a little so the mobs remember the last spot I stood at, then start an attack rotation, that stutter between the drop, small move, then action rotation is just horrible.

Dont forget the ludicrous stretching of the Sentinels metal armour when he breathes on the character selection screen - drives me absolutely insane.

But generally most things have gotten updates regularly over the years… each new patch adds new or improves existing 3d models in some way…

Just have to be patient…

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I’ll have to mess with it and see if I notice anything more specific. It definitely looks unnatural, but I always just took that as part of the reality that people move in very unnatural ways in games like this.

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I’m also not 100% satisfied with LEs animations. The things I dislike the most are:

  • How characters wield 2h Weapons like hammers or axes
  • The stopping animations
  • Some NPCs running or death animations

But compared to PoE I’d say that character animations are smoother in LE. PoEs animations look way too stiff. And they look ridiculous in endgame when movement or attack speed is increasing a lot.

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