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Quality of life changes etc Part 2 (Lengthy)

I splurged and bought alpha access, with this i saw a lot of promise but a lot of rough areas if the trend continues onward. I’ll list some of them out.

Mechanical issues for me:

-It feels like a mobile game, that’s missing a gambling forgiveness p2p shop (such as pay this to reduce the bad effect for x hours). Such as every skill, every crafting, just about everything has a draw back for something good. Not all of them worth it. That’s fine and all but it just feels like everything is a tax and i grind my teeth when i see my next node adds something essential to my build but im losing another part of the build too. IF it was only skills that’s fine, but its passives, armor upgrading and sharding… Also the lack of descriptions on all things makes this feel worse, like lose 20%current hp…but gain stormlance. okay cool? but it says nothing about it aside from name, i don’t want to have to use a wiki just to know what it does in game. Also via crafting, tell me which shards i received with the shatterstone.

Quality of life fixes:

-Others have listed the limited inventory space, wither that is intentional or not i think crafting pieces like shattering stones should have a separate pouch to help a little.

-Walking when crafting at times drops the items i’m putting into the slot.
-equip 2h with right click without having to take shield off
-Like in my other post, the elite mobs need a circle under their feet or name needs a new color other than basic mobs, if not something for visual clarity in a full screen of mobs.

-I love the uniqueness of the uniques, such as “The monolith” gain perfect block at a reduced block chance, in this case it makes sense for a drawback due to potential invulnerability of high block chance sharding. But i do wish uniques had some random suffix and prefixs, since i have 3 of the same shield, which feels bad mang, when i cant even interact with it via crafting. Make unique specific shards dropped from all bosses perhaps?

-My biggest thing is intuitive game information which isnt something this game prioritizes thus far, which is fine in alpha but i definitely want to see it flushed out with information. Such as i like the compare item feature, but it needs a little umph reduce the wordy negative positive, just do + or - and show me if its a net gain in raw dps or not, if it is then ill look further into the other draw backs.

-Have mouse hover over stats in inventory pull info from the more stats tab, such as hover over fire and it will show me the % resistance instead of 20 which is misleading to think its 20% when the other tab tells me its actually 7%.

-Increase the quantity of possible item rarities, just about every game has 4 or 5 levels in which most become obsolete (white-basic, green-rare ,blue-magic, orange/purple-unique). Diablo introduced ancient and primal variants to uniques for example is something at least (although its just a lazy version, easily could have made items above unique).

-To make this game stand out, i know you are after a PoE crowd and the game certainly has a feel like that game with diablo stuff mixed like the music etc. How about boss specific loots for not just items, but for instance a boss can drop a power node that may either upgrade a skill tree node(1 time max per either node or skill tree?) where it can go over max cap OR it reduces the nodes negative draw back to the nodes previous level (again 1 is the cap)? That goes with your games theme of choice for power at a choice/cost.
—Another idea would be you get mini version of that boss as a cosmetic pet to get that crowd into the game, this isn’t for me so a toggle-able option to hide others pets/summons would be nice later on.

-Make hard-core worth it, either increased drop rates, better item stats on rare drops, love that play style, just needs something there.

-I would love for left click to be changeable as i dont like it being just move. I’d rather it have basic attack tied to it as well saves a mouse spot.
-Visuals on hud for passive aura, or skills duration, status ± etc.
This is probably intentional, but make ward a usable resource for those blood builds on necro (use ward as the hp cost before going to hp). Of course would require balancing of cool-downs of procing ward etc but would make ward feel more interactive via skills and hp management, it already decays i don’t see why not.
If you have read this far, here is your cookie, you’re a scholar, and i’m proud of you.

Edit: kinda annoying bug, auto sort drops some items randomly to recreate, just move some items and auto sort will then throw a item out after.

I like your ideas, I can see how more information is definitely needed in items and skills;

Thank you for supporting us!


I’m not sure I entirely get the mobile game comparison.

Currently game balance isn’t really a priority for us, as so many things will be change between now and release that if we tried to consistently keep balance top of the list of priorities throughout alpha, it’d radically slow down the pace of development.

It’s an ARPG - so the power fantasy is important, and getting new skills, nodes, and gear is supposed to be a large part of that. It’s possible that we’re currently leaning too heavily on drawbacks and that this is curbing the excitement getting new stuff can offer. I’ll bring this up in a meeting - though we’ve a backlog of topics, so I can’t say with certainty when this will be discussed. We do appreciate the feedback, and we will absolutely consider it.


That’s fair.

Currently in some cases it’s not just a matter of typing an explanation, but building support for such explanations to exist and be shown to the player.


I think this will be included in our next patch.


I don’t believe this will be increased in the future.

It’s currently very generous compared to other games in the genre.


This is planned.


I’ve seen similar reports of this, although if you post about it in Bug Reports it’ll be seen by the right members of the team. I don’t really work on bugs, so I can’t comment authoratively.


We discussed this earlier this week.

I can’t say for sure when it’ll happen, but it’ll definitely happen at some point.


This will be a priority later in development (probably beta).

It’s important to the team that the game is good at this prior to launch.


We’ll be adding Legendaries and Set Items.


It’s worth noting that the two games have rather different itemization.

Diablo III believes that higher tier rarity items should be flatly superior to lower tier rarity items. In Last Epoch, different rarities are intended to achieve different goals. An insane drop or well-crafted magic item will be very competitive with uniques & legendaries.


I cannot imagine the team ever agreeing to this.


Agreed; the UI needs to present more information.




Could you throw that into Bug Reports, please? Not trying to be pedantic; it’s just that different people do different things (and read different sections of the forum).

Sarno said a lot of the things I was going to say, but since I already typed it, here it is:

I love posi-negs. I would even say that I’d like to see more of them present. I do think it should be more of a chosen playstyle rather than the defacto though. I especially love trying to build a build where I turn negatives into positives. (for example a node that gives less health in exchange for more damage might be really nice for someone that is building ward/dodge defenses.)

One thing that makes the negatives feel really bad at the present moment is that you can inadvertently gimp your build by taking the wrong and the mechanics to respec aren’t in yet. I imagine that it will feel less bad once respec mechanics are in place (which are currently being worked on).

Devs are working pretty hard on putting descriptions for effects into skill tips, I imagine this will continue to improve with time.

Should be in the next patch :wink:

a bug. Should be fixed soon as well.

Devs confirmed eventually, but no timetable as of yet.

This is likely due to only a small number of unique items being currently implemented. More uniques will be added and drop rates may be decreased for uniques when loot tables/chests are implemented meaning it will be much less likely for you to get duplicate uniques. As a side note the implicit values are still randomly rolled for uniques, meaning some are better than others even if they have the same name.

One of the nice things about LE is that even white items can be desirable. Adding more affix tiers would likely dilute this. The devs are planning on legendary equipment, which is as far as I understand it, supposed to be like uber uniques. In addition they’re planning on adding set equipment as well.

The memory system:

would probably be a fairly similar system (that also wouldn’t break the limitations of the skill tree)

Personally I hate this, although a lot of people have requested it. Devs have mentioned that they may look into adding it as an option (although non-obfuscated controls take precedence for them)

on my acolyte I play no health high ward… having ward be used as a health cost would be highly undesirable and detrimental to that playstyle. If it were a node on some skills that cost life, it could make sense but would likely take a lot of mechanical tweaking for a node that’s likely to be used rarely.

nom. nom. nom.

I’m glad you all enjoyed the cookies, was home made. @Sarno the mobile game comparison is in reference to their store gambling/upgrading model. Most of them have it where to undo the “tax” or downside to a upgrade such as the node for a couple levels u pay xcash. This feels like it was set up that way just missing that monitization element is what i meant. Don’t get me wrong i understand the balance isnt a main priority in a alpha currently, it’s just in other games (finished) they tend to overshadow this aspect of it. I wouldnt say its generous for inventory space, grimdawn is #1 with that i’d say, maybe its because areas reset when i portal to town to unload my inventory that it bothers me (so i guess its fine as is). I mean yes they are different in itemization but the end goal is the same, you want more fire power. Just about every single game in this genre has some incentive for hardcore, the easiest example was a little better drop rate, only saying it because i love that mode, and ive already been 1 hit twice with no idea how i died (ya it sucked but its hardcore) with that risk should come a reward since u lose everything. Sorry about sprinkling bugs in here i will do that promptly.

@geoGalvanic Don’t get me wrong, pos-negs is vital to the genre otherwise why not just look for stat upgrades like diablo 3. That being said, it feels overkill all the nodes have it, i think just build defining (0/1) nodes should do this and some split path nodes etc. I didnt mean add me affix tiers, i was asking for more rarity+affix not being locked per item piece (if it has a chance to shatter why is it locked to swords only, make it have a higher shatter % if ur trying to add block to a sword. that way u can define a build with a higher risk of ruining gear to push the limits). I can’t stand the right click to use everything like shift-right click. No other game i play does this and feels wonky to me, just maybe a option to customize is all i want really.

Is there any existing information about what items of these rarities are like?

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