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Memory System - More Details TBD

Hello everyone,

I want to give you guys a glimpse into one of the systems the team has been discussing and will be implemented into Last Epoch (possibly with some modifications and renaming).


  • You have a mystical tome which has slots that is given to you by the Oracle when you rescue her.
  • This tome has its own UI screen that is accessed by talking to the Oracle.
  • You gain the ability to fully utilize the tome’s potential closer to the endgame
  • The basic tier of tome has 1 slot, as you gain reputation with the Oracle, it slowly upgrades up to a maximum of 6 slots.
  • The items that go into these slots are memory fragments and stories.
  • Each fragment has a unique bonus. (Ex. Wyvern's Tail may grant 15% poison damage)
  • You can link specific memory fragments together to create a story which will have unique bonuses.
  • Memory fragments are predominately tied to specific drop table, Wyverns drop Wyvern Tails, Rahyeh Legionnaires drop Sunspears etc. with certain exceptions such as a Venom-Stained Death Shroud that you can only buy from a specific vendor for a very high amount of gold, or get a reward for completing a quest, or an alt-timeline,or some other exception.
  • These fragments can be placed into your relic slots individually for basic stat bonuses. Possibly require going to the Oracle in the Hub Town to insert these.
  • You take the WyvernTail, Sunspear, and Venom-Stained Death Shroud to the Oracle in your Hub Town, she combines these fragments into the Memory called “Wyvern’s Revenge” which takes up 3 slots on your relic and gives a themed bonus like summoning wyverns or adding a poison damage proc.