QOL: target minions for buffs by hovering over their portrait

Targeting a specific minion to buff them with a thousand things going on onscreen is frustrating and adds nothing gameplay wise.

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YES, please.

EDIT: Also for party members. I can’t cast a buff on Shaman buddy because it always ends up on one of his totems instead.

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Yeah, this has been requested many times. So, the devs are aware and hopefully plan on making this happen in the future.


Thanks for the constructive feedback to my constructive feedback!

I did try to find similar posts to make sure I wasn’t reposting, guess I didn’t look hard enough…

Should I delete this post at once or should I first give some petulant dork the opportunity to post “BINGO” as a reply?

No problem, just trying to help. I know I’ve posted before not being able to find what I was posting about.

At this point I’d just leave it and let it go. :sunglasses:

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