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Purchased pack, not receive badge and pet

I bought the Ardent Commander pack.
but I don’t have any pets or badges, so please check.
I’m not in a hurry. :wink:

I also got the 400 pack, but idk how to claim anything. Doesn’t say i own any pets when i go to cosmetics, maybe you don’t get them till the game comes out of beta? I looked over the website for a while but I can’t find any instructions on where to claim the support pack rewards, when you can claim them, or anything about them really other than “order fulfilled”.

I also bought the game on steam and don’t have access to the pet in-game.

Hello! I have the same problem so if it could be checked for me as well! Thank you!

Wanted to reply and add that I also have this problem. Enjoying the game and working on my 3rd playthrough!

I have a similar problem. I had my pet like 2 weeks ago but recently it disappeared.

Hello friends,

Supporter Packs (Pets, Cosmetic Points, etc.) have been bugged since we released Patch 0.8.1e on Saturday.

You can find its patch notes here, and we’ll be providing updates on the situation here. You can get to the latter page by going to and clicking on the link in our banner notification.

Apologies. for the inconvenience.
Best regards,


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