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Beta 0.8.1e Patch Notes


  • Temporarily disabled social features.
  • Fixed Gaspar’s Insight having two Void Resistance affixes instead of one Void Resistance and one Cold Resistance affix.
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue in Risen Lake.

we have been MUTED by EH devs XD

shame shame shame XD

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This will be an unpopular opinion:

Worth it for the Gaspar’s Insight fix. :smiling_imp:

Sorry guys, i am happy!

I want Barrens Chat back =(


Playing on the latest patch I can’t summon anything: Wolves, Skeletons, …
Is it just me?

EDIT: Summoning DOES work for me when using the Steam version in Windows. It does NOT work for me when using the Stand-Alone version in Linux.

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After the lastest patch, crashing right after opening a monolith became more frequent. Also it happened once when upon starting a monolith everything went black, and I was only able to see the monster health bars.

Crashing upon monolith start and losing progress feels really bad. I suggest that losing monolith progress should be strictly applied when the character dies, not when some random crash happens.

Yep, same problem here with the Steam version on Linux. Leveling my beast master has to pause for now…

@e_stab @ex-ratt A fix for this is live on Steam now and will be on the Standalone later today. Sorry about that.


Nice, thanks for the quick fix :slight_smile:

отлично :+1:

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The camera view/angle is now broken in the Temple of Lagon. It was fine in 0.8.1.D.

Edit: Might be a problem with zoom. If you zoom in and out numerous times, it appears to fix it.

Performance is getting worse for me after the latest patch… Much more fps drops then before

Hey, Welcome to the forum.

Check the Technical Support & Bug section of the forum… there are quite few posts around stability & performance things you can do to improve fps… Most do require dialing back some of the graphics settings but it helps with almost all setups - from low end to high end… Obviously LE is in Beta so performance issues are a problem (more so for some than others) but there are workarounds for now and I am pretty sure that the devs will get to them eventually… :wink: