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Purchased game on Steam, didn't receive any goodies (Support site arent helping)

I bought the game through Steam too, didn’t receive anything.

Support site says steam user will be prompted to register account within game client, but that doesnt show up, it was fine to proceed playing the game though. So how can we link steam account and will that fix getting those goodies?

Help please. Thanks.

Tagging this post because I’ve also bought this game through steam ~40 minutes ago and exactly the same thing occurred for me.

Would also like a solution to this issue please. For what it’s worth, when I press H, I only see ‘Social’ at the top. According to friends, I should see ‘Social - accountname’.

Bought the game yesterday and also messaged support. I’m still waiting for a response.

Same here, I create post on this forum too.

With last patch 0.81e they have temporally disable all social feature/steam link for a workaround.

Wait the next hotfix for (hopefully) renable all social feature/steam/badge/pet.


This issue was introduced by Patch 0.8.1e, and we’ll be correcting it in an update as soon as possible. Updates regarding this will be posted here. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

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