Prophecies not giving rewards

I have 2 prophecies that are not awarding their respective rewards on completion.
One of them is one called the compass, which rewards 4x exatled ranged weapons on Death of Majasa in The Chamber of Vessels.
When I kill Majasa, I see a big splash on the screen which looks like the constellation where I found the prophecy, but no drops and the prophecy is still present in my Faction screen.

The other is called Destrier, where I need to kill a monolith boss and get 4 unique ranged weapons. Again I kill a boss but no rewards.


Similar experience with Compass and Coronation from the wolf looking constellation.

Both were supposed to drop unique weavers will armor and could be repeated 8 times. Compass I only ran twice (kill God Hunter Argentus from The Stolen Lace monolith) and both times got the message saying I’d completed the prophecy, but didn’t see a drop either time… I have a loot filter active, but it specifically shows all uniques… I went ahead and hit X to disable the filter just in case, but no loot with the filter disabled either.

Similar case with the other prophecy, I needed to kill some giant scorpions in monoliths, repeatable 8 times, drops weavers will unique. I completed the first 6 iterations in the same zone because there were a lot of scorpions, and got a completion message each time, but only got 3 uniques out of the 6 completions. Completed the last two in a different zone and got nothing for either.

Seems like there’s a problem with at least prophecies with campaign conditions. Got prophecy to kill Architect Liath, did it but nothing happened, prophecy still active.

Happening to me as well.

I have several “Kill Void Horror” prophecies and they do not trigger.

Same here.

Done 3 prophecies for Unique Idol but not once gives reward

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Same there i got 3 prophecies for timeline boss in The Last Ruin, killed him 5 times, prophecies are still there just taking up space and never go away.
Looks like most bugged prophecies are tied to killiong diffrent bosses.

I had a similar problem. I got a ‘The Fortress’-Prophecy in which I had to kill 1 rare Elites in the temporal sanctum for a unique weavers will Armor and could fulfill that prophecy 8 times.
The first 3 times I got nothing, on the 4th I suddenly got one WW-Unique. 5th time again nothing, 6th gave my another Unique. The 7th time also gave me one, the 8th one didnt tho.

Every time I killed a rare Elite it would prompt that the prophecy was ‘progressed’, so basicly fulfilled. It felt like I had 8 tries and every time I fullfill it, there´s a chance I get the item stated in the prophecy because there´s no real pattern to the squence I got the Items, it just seemed random.

Same here with The Voyage Prophecy

Same here issue with siege golem in campaign…

Also had this happen with multiple different prophecies, one for killing architect that gave nothing and one for killing 3 diamond matrons that was completable 8 times for a weaver will unique each time, only 4 of the 8 times gave a reward (3 of the 4 times it did give the reward it was also the same unique)

Also it seems that the actual prophecy you get is completely different from what you selected sometimes

have prophecy to kill lagon . Killed lagon did not get any rewards. still shows in prophecy tab

Same problem with Unique Idol Prophecies. Completed prophecy with an unique idol reward, dropped non unique.

Happened two separated times

I’ve had issues with all the Weaver’s Will Prophecies. The most recent one that bugged was the invitation prophecy that requires killing a Siege Golem in the monolith. Same issue as always, the message pops up but nothing drops. I’ve saved the gamelog for that save at the moment of the bug, but I’m not sure how to upload that without just making a new bug report.

I have the same problem with Weaver’s Will Prophecies where killing the boss (in my case, Architect Liath) doesn’t always drop the Weaver Item. At first I though maybe something in my filters might be blocking it. Turned off all filters and still no sign of the drop. I ended up getting 4/8 items from all boss runs for spending 4k in the Armor Telescope (which was a rip).

I did a little troubleshooting. Tried consecutive boss runs, restarted game boss runs, teleport to town and back to reset boss encounter, reset boss encounter from the The Temple of Lagon waypoint, etc. All of those were not consistent drops like they should be.

Tested another 8x defeat Majasa boss. The Weaver item payout 0-1-0-1-0-0-1-0 and only scored 3x.

Also, for those wondering, this prophecy can drop any of the Weaver’s Will items, so it is a great way to farm a specific item with this trait, though it may take several tries to get what U want.

killed a bunch of void horrors in a monolith beacon event, no prophecy rewards
Player.log (3.7 MB)

Beacon enemies to not count towards prophecies in general

Ive also had a Coronation that could be completed 8 times with kill majasa and get a Unique body armour with 8 weavers will, but the first two atleast did not get me anything (havent done more of this waste-of-time)

i’ve also got the weavers will multiple completions prophecy and also no rewards from it.

I just proc’d a Weaver’s Will prophecy at rank 10 CoF that dropped duplicate exalted items. It looks like the prophecies are sometimes dropping exalted instead of unique items. This was my first weaver’s will prophecy to fail to drop a unique since hitting rank 10 so I hadn’t noticed this earlier.

Edit: The next prophecy trigger drops duplicate rare items. So the prophecy is doing something, just not what it is supposed to do.

Same here, propheties seems to work when they want.

Stolen Lance and winter timeline in my case. Runes of despair in those mostly never give but the count in the propheties shows it as complete (3/4 etc).
Same problem with uniques Helmets and body armour.

I stored all my point from rank 9 to rank 10 ( about 680.000 points ) and seems to have lost arround 150.000 this evening from propheties that did not even complete, sad time of farming for nothing.

Any dev can at least tell us they are aware of the problem and trying to fix it ? Thanks

In some cases prophecies seem to give random rewards instead of the promised ones.
I just triggered weaver’s will 3 times (based on the chat messages), didn’t get a sinle weaver’s will unique.