Prophecies not giving rewards

I’ve had 6 unique Bow prophecies, most of them supposed to give 8x unique bow, either give nothing, or give 1-2x unique and 6-7x exalted/rare. I’ve done dungeon rare, dungeon boss, monolith boss, monolith rare, and exalted mage all with the same result.

This bug is detrimental to the game - basically makes CoF worthless until it’s fixed. Why bother playing if the entire premise of the faction is void?

Nerfing the sell price of arena keys taking priority over this is a sick joke.

can this please get fixed? I’m not gonna waste my time on this game until the game stops wasting my time.

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Same here did lagon and didnt get anything

Just completed two prophecies and got nothing. I did complete one yesterday and got the reward, but today neither one dropped anything but both are cleared out on the prophecy screen.

Third prophecy with no reward. all of them were unique chest rewards. I paid extra attention to the last one, I got the message “prophecy completed” but no reward.

Did someone have any update about it ?

Same problem here. Got prophecy to kill Majasa and receive a unique armor (16 weaver) each6kill. 8 uses. Never got one. The prophecy was only 500 and thought it was quite the steal. Maybe the rewards are incorrectly displayed?

Ditto, I have multiple prophesies linked to Arena 3 Completion, got nothing. Clearly prophesies are not tracking correctly.

I have the the problem where I click to accept a prophecy. I hit “YES” to accept. The constellation goes blank, and I don’t even get a prophecy added to my list. Then I reload the constellation screen, and it was reset, but still no prophecy in my list.

devs… wanna at least chime in here ?im having same problem and all i see is people with this issue in this post, no response at all from devs. whats the point of doing prophesies if they dont pay out? additionally this seems like a bug that should be on the “very next bug to fix” list but all im seeing in bug fix patch notes is mostly superficial (compared to this) fixes. please assist.

I just completed a prophecy for completing Arena Tier 2 for a rune of ascendance and got nothing. super bummed

Ditto, seems most common on Weaver’s Will prophecies.

I have a problem that every now and then, after a unique item drops, I get a bug that prevents me from picking up any item. I have to restart. Is there a solution for this or do you have the same problem? When will this be fixed?