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Proc Build

I want to make a build that uses the procs of the different skills. For example, Black Hole has the ability to drop Meteors and Teleport can cast Elemental Nova. I want to make a build using that concept. My idea is to use Teleport with Elemental Nova for clear and use Black Hole with Meteor for single target. I also added fire ball to add to single target as well. Lastly, I thought about trying to get the idols that give elemental nova on hit to make it more effective for clearing and bossing. I made a bare bones template with a few pieces of unique gear, with passive and skills allocations added.
Link to build: Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Can anyone tell me if this is viable and if it is how i can improve?

Thanks for the great game and community.

Hey there,

generally these types of buidls work very well, but your build has one major flaw, Meteor triggered by Black Hole do not use theri skill spec tree, that’ specifically stated in the Black Hole Node “Armageddon”, but they scale with all damage nodes within Black Hole, that kinda an outliner node, since usually skill triggering other skills use theri skill spec tree, but damage nodes from the initial skills don’t apply.

Also i don’t think a low life ward mage would be the best choice here.

I would say a regular mage with resistance, endurance and damage dealt to mana before health or resistance, health + armour or dodge would work better.

How about this? I did what you suggested and converted it to health and damage to mana build. I also moved the skills around. I got rid of Meteor since it can not help Black Hole. I added focus with the ability to do damage so i can get mana back and still do damage. Is there any else you can think that could make this better?

If you combine damage dealt to mana and endurance oyu don’t necessarily want to go maximum health too much and you want to cap endurance.

Age Of Winter and Spirits Of Fire both do have endurance blessings

Then you probably want to replace some of the health for Critical Strike Avoidance

Then you probably want to get lots and lots more crit multiplier instead of only % increases: The Black Sun Timeline, Relic, Amulet, Catalyst, Weapon (you probably also want to go Wand instead of scepter, to have better mana sustain, especially for Fireball)

Also your gear looks very unrealistic, even for a very well min maxed character, getting this many exalted is not realistic^^

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Just a quick note to add to Heavys comments… Teleport with Elemental Nova works really well (obviously with specd Elemental Nova) as a clearing proc but I have found that the cooldown can be a little frustrating depending on how you want to play… Its really cool to teleport with Enova from one mob pack to the other… - my recommendation is to include some cooldown reduction nodes or some affixes to compensate/make it smoother…


Here is the updated build: Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner

I took what both of you said and changed it. I toned down the exalted ,added a lot of +endurance/%endurance, crit multi, and a wand. I could only add so much cooldown recovery because of the helmet. I think that the fractured crown is worth it due to the high damage to mana before life. Would it be better to just have a rare helmet in its place? I dont know for sure. Thanks again for all the help.

Probably depends on how good your fractured crown is rolled or what kind of helmet you have.

A well crafted rare can be equal, depending on how wel it is, but usually fractured crown is an offensive and defensive powerhouse, especially because it’s super easy to target farm.

You can get rid of one % Endurance (60% is cap) on the gloves and get even more endurance threshold.

The builds looks really solid, but once you play it you will eventually see how good it is and might need to adapt stat priorities on the fly, depending on what items you drop.

Ok that is good to know. Awesome! Thanks for the help and making this better. I really do appreciate it.

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Just be aware that there is a bug with the Fractured Crown crafting - apparently it has an abnormally high chance of rolling with the minimum affix rolls (almost impossible to get anything else right now)… Devs mentioned 2 weeks ago that they have a fix - hoping it is implemented with 0.8.3

It can be a bit frustrating, but given how easy you can craft this thing it’s not that bad, since you can craft a few dozen of those within a day.

If I recall correctly, this bug specifically occurs when you use a base item that dropped in a previous session rather than the current one.


Ok thanks that is good info to know

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