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Fractured Crown bugged

I made 5 fractured crowns today and they all rolled with the lowest stats possible (70, 15, 20).
I can post screenshots if needed.

This is a known issue.

Thanks for the report.

any ETA for fix so I don’t waste time/resource on this?

We are still investigating the cause of this particular event. No ETA sorry.

OK, but it still CAN be obtained? I did 30 hats, some with ~17-20% destruct chance and NOT ONE, that’s not rng…

It can be obtained, the bug is that Fractured Crown has an abnormal chance to roll all minimum rolls on affixes.

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thanks, just checking since mono reset has nerfed chances to actually GET chase items to vanishingly small

I loaded the game and first thing I did was craft affixes with guardian on a gilded crown. Then removed guardian and hit a destructive fracture for the fractured crown. It rolled all 3 minimum affixes. In a previous game (not this log) after playing a few monoliths I got 2 fractured crown, another with 3 minimum affixes and one with proper rolls. I have saved a log and can email support if you need

any chance of an update? finally got one (MIN rolls of course), can this get fixed?

We believe we found the cause of this bug and in the stages of confirming the possible fix.


BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for update!!