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Problems with the payment options on kickstarter

Hello guys!

I would love to support this game, but unfortunately i don’t own a creditcard and , as you probably know, kickstarter doesn’t support paypal nor paysafecard.

I have already tried to get a so-called prepaid credit card, but unfortunately every institute on the market apparently wants a mobile phone number (specifically mobile) and i don’t own a mobile phone either. I’m an ultra-oldschool dude with books, a gaming rig and a cable phone, and that’s how i like it :D.

If you have any idea, how i could throw some money at you without buying a cellphone or a regular physical credit card, please let me know.

In any case i wish you best of luck with your project; the demo looks awesome!





Hi there,

Thanks so much for wanting to help us make Last Epoch!

Currently we’re only accepting money through our KickStarter; while we recognize their payment options are limited, offering an alternative would see people who do own credit cards using that one - thus making it harder to reach our KickStarter campaign goal.

There’ll be other ways of supporting us in the future - I’m a fan of Paysafecard myself!

Thx for your reply. I get your point. Guess, i’ll wait a bit then. Keep up the good work!