Problem with Wandering Spirits Channeling

Heyho my Friends :slight_smile:
I have a big problem and no clue how to fix this

i play Wandering Spirits with Channeling, and every Time i Kill a bunch of monster it Stops Channeling. Sometimes after the first kill, sometimes after 10… Thats a big problem

i pray for help


  • after some testing it stops even if i break a barrel or something similar

  • My mana is full

  • my cursor was never on top of an opponent (so he didn’t stop because “my target” was dead)

  • no stun

This will be hard to diagnose without seeing it in action. I would strongly suggest, if able, to record it happening at least once and add it do your post.

There’s also a hard-limit to how many spirits can be summoned with any “cast” of Wandering Spirits - even when channelled. If you’re channelling for a while, that might be the issue, as well.

i diagnosed the problem and i think i found a bug.
I’m playing with “Chronicle of the Damned” Catalyst and it has "(16-26)% Chance to Reveal a Wandering Spirit on Kill (1 Second Cooldown) and every time this perk triggers it will cancel channeling. which explains why it does sometimes happened after 1 mob and sometimes after 10 mobs. and no problems without a catalyst

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That’s not the reason, in the city or on a map if nobody is around, I can channel as long as I like

That sounds like a bug.

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