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Problem with save file after i have supllied save game files on forum

I have entered game to play it and it asked me something about storing my cloud saves, after i acepted i have save data feom 5 hours ago and all my progress along with loot has been removed. I have supplied my save files yesterday when i had low fps in order to help fix this. So my wuestion is what can i do now i have some really important items in those 5 hours which i have posted as well

So great game but 0 technical support. U should have at least said that u cant do anything
Thanks for your non respons

Edited, nevermind i do not want old save now couse of one item i found

Hey there Vekongnitoo.

The safest way to handle savegames with LE in beta is to make manual backups & to disable Steam Cloud saves…

I make backups before I play… That way the worst that can happen is that I lose one session of play… I have over 100 stash tabs of T10+ items and a dozen characters and I would be very unhappy if I lost any of that…

I dont use Steam cloud saves because I have ALWAYS had problems with steam overwriting my saves when it gets confused… This is not just in LE… lots of different games have had the same problem.

You can get to your steam cloud storage via your browser to see what files it has…

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Hey man, thank u for your suggestion i will do it and have a backup after every session :slight_smile:

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There is one thing i would like to ask, in this game there is only one save file and it is common for all char is that correct?

There is one save for the global stash/gold etc and then separate saves for each character… Each file also has a backup. I havent checked what happens when you use the other types of characters (not shared stash etc).

You can view the contents in a text editor (currently) to see…

The files on Windows are usually in:
Bootdrive:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

(havent checked if Steam cloud save creates other files in its userdata folder).

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Thanks a lot man i will check it out after work

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