Problem with quest: Speak with Soreth'ka nagasa

When i speak with Saazhar, new quest not started, i can start this dialogue again.

Video: Last Epoch - Problem with quest Speak with Soreth'ka nagasa - Patch 0.91 - YouTube


Same. I’m stuck now :frowning:

Stuck at the same point, restarted game, loaded from different zones, not sure what else to try.

I managed to progress this quest by having a friend teleport to the first waypoint. I then portalled to his position and got to the first waypoint. By then I noticed my quest text had updated and I can now progress.

Yep same issue here.

same problem, how can we continue?

So I just continued to the next area and wandered around to the usual spot where the quest is supposed to send you to. It triggered the next step of the quest and I could continue from there. Might have just gotten lucky but try just completing the next zone and see if you find the trigger.

After last update today, i can continue. The issue fixed.

I’m up to date but it doesn’t continue. I’m in soreth and I’m talking to the beast it points, but I can’t continue to the dry river.

Had the same issue here playing in co-op just now. Friend was able to progress and I was stuck on talking with Soreth. For workaround, we continued exploring in Crossroads based on their quest log and once we reached a trigger point, both of our quests updated and could continue on.

Good luck to anyone still stuck here.

Anyone else stuck here:
-Go into the crossroads zone.
-Head northeast.
-It will trigger a fight off the osprey quest and progress.

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