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Primalist passives not unlocking?

Howdy! I started a new Primalist on the newest patch and noticed that some passives in the Primalist and Shaman trees are locked no matter how many points you invest or what level your character is. Is this a bug? I looked through the patch notes and nothing mentioned any passives being locked. I had a higher level Primalist from the last patch that had those passives unlocked but once I removed passive points they became locked again. This is what it looks like to me…not sure if anyone else is having this issue but seems strange.

Can you please let us know whether this persists after spending 20 points in Primalist?

Hey Sarno…I invested 20 points into Primalist, 50 into Beastmaster and 20 into Shaman. The passives “Ursine Strength” and “Savagery” in the Beastmaster tree and the “Ancient Stones” and “Rejuvenation Totem” in the Shaman tree are still locked…all the others work. :thinking:

Thanks for following up!

We believe we’ve identified an edge case, which we’re now working on a solution for.

No problem! I’m loving the newest patch so far…keep up the great work! :+1:

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So, to clarify, this was actually a bug caused by some passive nodes not having appropriate requirements. Spending points in these earlier than should have been possible then interfered with the game’s ability to unlock other passives at the appropriate time.

This should no longer occur as of Patch Marking thread as solved.

Thanks Sarno! It is working correctly now…keep up the great work! :smiley:

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